Dragon Age launch fails: some can't play, others no DLC

EA and Bioware's Dragon Age: Origins launched yesterday, and PC gamers rejoiced at having another tactical Bioware RPG to sink their teeth into. With digital distribution platforms like Steam and Impulse becoming more popular, it's no surprise that many gamers decided to buy their copy of the game online. The problem? EA and Bioware require you to sign into their own websites, with their own accounts and login information, to allow you to access the bonus content from your purchase. That process, it seems, is broken for many users.

If you bought the game via Impulse? Your problems might be much, much worse.

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WildArmed3269d ago

lmfao @ picture. Awesome

nycredude3269d ago

Yeah that is a great pic!! :)

I bought it for Ps3 and had no such issues getting the dlc. Can't get to the game yet though as I an addicted to Borderlands right now.

Nineball21123269d ago

That sucks for ppl who bought the PC version and want the DLC right away.

dragon823269d ago

Not sure you can call it a failed launch because a small portion of people who bought it are having issues.