IncGamers: Torchlight Review [PC]

IncGamers'Paul Younger takes on the new action RPG title from Runic.

From the review:

"The game is set in the town of Torchlight which has prospered following the discovery of Ember beneath the town. Ember is a valuable magical mineral but also has the power to corrupt and the miners of Torchlight unearthed underground caverns which revealed labyrinths laced with evil. Your task is to rid Torchlight of this evil and go head to head with whatever villain is causing it. The story itself is simple enough to drive the game's action and it's all about taking on quests and heading deeper into the depths below the town."

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Leord3274d ago

Gamplay concept similar to Diablo I then :)

Well, I suppose it's basically the same team, so :D

Cogo3274d ago

Yes, it's similar, but I would still not call it a Diablo clone. I mean, you;re right, these are the same guys who made D1 and D2, so if the game is similar, not strange, but at the same time it got its own vibe. Well worth a try!

Leord3274d ago

Yeah, I wasn't implying that. sorry if it cam out in such a way :P

Darkstorn3274d ago

It really brings back memories of the first Diablo, which I actually liked more than D2. I'm only on floor 18, but supposedly there are over 100. The game is awesome, and runs very well on low-to-mid range PCs.

toaster3274d ago

Oh man, Floor 18. I'm lvl 30 already and at floor 27... 28 I can't quite remember but close to 30. This game is so addicting. On Steam it says I have played for 22.8 Hours in the past 2 weeks. So now my Steam rating is a perfect 10, hehehe. It will likely stay up there for a long while.

Torchlight goes beyond just the floors. The random dungeons and Dungeon Scrolls give you phat lewt and there is plenty to go around.

Pretty much every single dungeon will give you something useful, if not many things useful/rare/unique. The replayability just goes through the roof.

JsonHenry3274d ago

LOVE this game. LOVE IT!

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Dorjan3274d ago

Build by the original diablo team guys, plays like Diablo... so an early Diii?

Leord3274d ago

Well, some fans have said it's like a demo of D3 :)