A LittleBigPlanet 2 would be "counterproductive" say Media Molecule

Critical Gamer Writes: Our extensive interview with Media Molecule – part one of which is to be published tomorrow (Thursday), with part two going live on Monday – covers a variety of subjects. When it came to the future of the LittleBigPlanet franchise on the PS3, they were decidedly unambiguous.

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GWAVE3456d ago

Glad to see a developer wanting to push the boundaries of gaming and not just churn out sequel after sequel *cough*Activision*cough*.

I mean, sequels aren't BAD, but new IPs are few and far between this generation, and even fewer if you weed out the crappy ones.

Jim Crikey3456d ago

Agreed! Kudos to media molecule.

scruffy_bear3456d ago

Yeah I agree cant wait to see what sort of DLC we get next year

WildArmed3456d ago


Oh and a dummy's guide to beating the last set of levels on LBP would be really helpful right now -.-

himdeel3456d ago (Edited 3456d ago ) LBP that a sequel just doesn't make sense. They'd be better served adding content to the current game like they are with Water. To me LBP really is a game where can add DLC in perpetuity.

The core concepts are so solid to mess with them would be kind of lame. Likewise the mod tools and games people create are awesome. You could spend a long LONG long time on user created content and NEVER touch the core game.

StanLee3456d ago

I agree. LittleBigPlanet is a platform. You can do so much with the tools the game offers.

Freak of Nature3456d ago

I like the idea of continuing to "push the boundaries" and to move forward with DLC. Expand upon the mechanics and create tools that are already in place.Add level packs that can be used to add even more diversity in create mode.

If I had a choice of what I would want to see from Media Molecule it would be for them to continue building upon the already existing strong foundation of LBP and "eventually" come up with an all new IP full of the quirky stylish MM magic and flare.....

ico923456d ago

although im a little dissapointed to hear this but looking at lbp its hard to see it being surpassed

SnuggleBandit3456d ago

Sony should buy these guys NOW!

spunnups3456d ago

Sony purchased MM just after LBP was released.

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Ninjamonkey3456d ago

A LittleBigPlanet 2 would be a horrific idea and its glad that Media Molecule see that.

LBP is by its nature an endless game where new levels keep coming from the players themselves. You could say that there has been many sequels worth of games from the community levels.

Creating a sequel could make levels made on the first redundant, unable to work with the newer software, and it would be completely pointless.

The best way for this game to go forwards is to just add something new to shuffle the gameplay around when ideas start running out.

gmaes in LBP started getting samey and then the MGS pack was released, and so new ideas came around, this has kept going on and the water update will further this.

The future of this game is continuous DLC to support the community and keep things different.

raztad3456d ago

LBP2 will be released when a massive graphical update is in order.

Redempteur3456d ago

a massive gameplay update too

>Right now the game doesn't even need that ...

It's beautifull and new levels keep on coming ..and i already have my ideas to share with water to the rest of the world !!

PirateThom3456d ago

The nice thing about LittleBigPlanet is that the engine it's built on is more versatile that most people realise, there was an interview a while ago and they put the game into an FPS view. Things like that could be implimented as DLC rather than a whole new game.

dkgshiz3456d ago (Edited 3456d ago )

Just keep releasing more DLC and things. LBP is an unbeatable game due to its unlimited content.
Edit: Who would disagree with me? LBP is awesome but why would you need a LBP 2? Maybe next gen I could see that. LBP is fine as it is, the whole idea is user generated content instead of developer generated content. We should be thankful for MM not being fat cash hogs like Activision where they release a new game every year like COD for example. Or guitar hero.

scruffy_bear3456d ago

There seems to be a lot of DLC planed for next year

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