Diablo 3 Fifth Class

Diablo 3 Community manager clarify information about Diablo 3 fifth Class rumors.

What Blizzard know and what they want to tell about the 5th class in Diablo 3.

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GigaGaia3269d ago

It's gonna be a bow and projectile user, it's 100% sure of being that.

toaster3269d ago

They might take a hint from Torchlight.

The Vanquisher is super fun to play. And in Diablo with all it's magic and spazz it will be even more amazing.

Nihilism3269d ago

I'm glad they've avoided the cliche's so far, even if the current classes are just variations. I doubt it will be a straight ranged class, they already have middle eastern, chinese, and african themed classes, I wonder where they'll go next.

bakasora3269d ago

still waiting for very long

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