BoltCast time!: Episode 4

GB Writes: "Tune in to our fourth episode of of BoltCast. This time we are joined by a special guest Fred along with Keith Deitz, Daniel Ravid and Will. Hear what the team has to say about L4D2, GTA Gay Tony, Modern Warfare 2, God of War 3 and the latest happenings in the Video Games industry."

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williamkenny3269d ago

I remember that dildo in the police station.

Ziriux3269d ago

One of the biggest reasons why I do NOT play GTA games is because of dumb sexual things like dildos and such, their trying to mix reality into a video game, but it's not appealing.

gameseveryday3269d ago

another awesome podcast by the guys at GB.

williamkenny3269d ago

I like the sound of the electric guitar as a melee weapon!

gameseveryday3269d ago

which melee weapon and guitar are u talking abt?

williamkenny3269d ago

When they talked about L4D2 they mentioned an electric guitar and a machete as some of the melee weapons in the game?

gameseveryday3269d ago

I also heard Katanss will also be there! FTW!

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