Your XNA skills could win you big prizes

Your skills with Microsoft's XNA development platform could bear fruit if you enter the 'Ocean Odyssey' XNA Game Development Competition where £5,000 worth of prizes can be won...

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AcidRhain4747d ago (Edited 4747d ago )

I guess big gaming company's can steal fresh new ideas this way for the next AAA game. Another example of innovation. lol.

BIadestarX4747d ago

Hater... Keep away from articles about the XNA framework.. Your brain is too limited for you to understand how things work in this area.
As an XNA developer I can tell you that you do not have to distribute your game assets but only the copile. also, you always have the choice copyright(ing) your materials/games so no one can "can steal fresh new ideas". This is a great oportunity to get recognition and some spotlight that I know it cause you pain when people say it.. but Sony nor Nintendo offer. The closes you get to creative content is little big planet.

dominusbellum4747d ago

funny thing is i thought i saw him posting negative comments about ps3 and boasting the 360 earlier anyway how well are you at xna b/c ive downloaded but haven't really got around to foolin around w/ it to much j/w if you could give me a few tips if you don't mind.

AcidRhain4747d ago (Edited 4747d ago )

I think it's a great idea in gaming. This only leads to more diversity in games... but things will just be copied. Calm down disgruntled game marker... You'll get you big shot at the big leagues someday. LOL
I'm just being REAL, calling it like it is. Ideas are the most valuable asset as a human being. I'm all for CopyWriting that sh!t. LOL Geezes chirst. simma down nah!

kewlkat0074747d ago

do you get this XNA stuff, I've been getting it Free?

bootsielon4747d ago

You defend microsoft so much, and you talk about how great Microsoft's attempt to deliver user generated content is. So where are those games? This in no way compares to little big planet, and it's not better. Little big planet gives you the tools, and it's accessible to everyone. XNA is solely accessible to programmers, so regardless of how creative you can get, it's not like you're gonna see gaming from the masses. Besides, that's not user generated content, that's indie developer content for you. You can see that on every platform every generation with little gems. The best you're gonna get are a few XBLA titles, not Gears of War 2.

Besides, why don't you post some of your work here for us to see? You talk a lot, but can you deliver the goods, or are you just a barker that doesn't bite? "I'm a developer this, developer that", yeah right. Images speak more than words so, why don't you post some fine images of a game of yours?

kewlkat0074747d ago (Edited 4747d ago )

Every programmer had to have started somewhere.

I think XNA gives amateurs the opputunity to learn how to develop games, and from there whenever they become very skilled professionals later, on maybe they can be part of an "EPIC team" or some other big developer, to make games. I'm sure they would never forget where they got their start. Unless you think there is something totally wrong with XNA in general.

Don't you see MS is trying to plant SEEDS...I'm sure they will be opening major studios later on everywhere, and they will be calling all XNA Programmers from all over to be part of. I see this as a good thing, not for just MS but everybody that have dreams of breaking into the industry.

Of course you don't EXPECT GEARS from this package, I don't think that is the point of XNA. This is still a business in the end, and everything will always be regulated, and there will always be restrictions to the software, because of all the copyright, and all these legalities with software properties in general.

Indie programmers, and amateurs are pools that breed INNOVATION later on down the line. Seeds will bare fruits..

BIadestarX4746d ago

I am not going to bother spending 30 minutes taking pictures of what I am working on... and my desktop and books... and bla bla bla... I've done that and it didn't make a difference. Besides why would I lie about using the XNA framework? You can download it and start using it. All you need to know is C#. You can download Visual Express for free from microsoft site.

kewlkat007, to make games on the PC you don't have to pay anything. To runit on the 360 you have to pay a $99/year membership. I'm currently working on PC game until they unlock the networking part of the 360 which they are planning to do soon.

You can get information, download startup kits, etc from here

If you are interested in buying startup kits and a nice game engine(used by some xbox live arcade games), content packs, go here:

I personally love/use their game builder.

If you need direction when it comes to the xna PM me. I don't mind helping or spending time with the non-haters... I think I rather spend my time doing that than posting pictures to prove crap to people that are not worth my time.

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PhinneousD4747d ago

opportunities for ametuer game markers is always a great idea, but i know what you are saying acid, it puts your ideas up for grabs. as a graphic artist you need to know what ideas you are borrowing and what ideas are your own. aaa games will only benefit from this.

Odion4747d ago

Last time i checked MS was working on a system so that people in the developers clubs could submit their games for MS certification and have their games added to the marketplace where they could make a profit.