Walmart Confirms 360 Sale, More Cuts Coming

Kotaku: "Walmart's official website today confirms the rumor we broke yesterday about one heck of a deal on the Xbox 360 Arcade."

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Raoh3273d ago

Someone is desparate.. first a price cut, then a $50 dollar rebate now a $100 gift card..

Next they will knock on peoples doors and just hand people 360's..

Darkeyes3273d ago

At this rate, M$ will be selling free Arcades by next year. 100$ Gift card on a 200$ console....

Customer: " Wow 100$ Gift Card on a 200$ console!!!... What Can I buy for 100$ hmmmm...."
Shopkeeper: "Why not a 60GB HDD for 100$"
Customer: "Ya why not.... Thanks.. Boy that sure was a steal".

LMAO.... Why not just bring back the earlier PRO model for 199$... HDD is a must for every next gen console.

Feral Gamer3273d ago

Walmart is offering the gift card, it has nothing to do with MS.

tatotiburon3273d ago

are you fanboys retarded or what? a gift from wallmart and it's only 10 units per guys think that there wont be any ps3 sales for holidays?

JustinSaneV23273d ago

You are aware that WAL-MART is the one who is offering the deal and NOT MICROSOFT right?

divideby03273d ago

yea..its amazing what competition will do for you...
I have not purchased a 360 game since GOW2..and only see AlanWake and Halo Reach on my buy list next year..conversly, I cant keep up with the PS3 AAA games

Greywulf3273d ago (Edited 3273d ago )

I think you're being a tad naive to think MS isn't involved at all.

Its just sad that the 360 has to tempt people to buy it just because its cheap, with nothing to really offer besides games you can play on the PS3.

StanLee3273d ago

My God, are fanboys really this dumb? O_o

ef-u-23273d ago

no splinter cell no mass effect2 no fable 3 ?

3273d ago
Chubear3273d ago

I can easily see the Arcade 360 being handed out with kids Happy Meals at drive throughs... no, I'm being serious.

Raoh3273d ago

deals with that deep a reward are not just done by the store, they are sponsored by the manufacturer

crck3273d ago

Walmart and MS are probably splitting the costs. Otherwise why wouldn't it be $100 gift card with any console? That would surely bring in more customers. Some of you are really naive to think manufacturers never work with retailers on sales. Heck do you people think Gamestop makes all that free crap they give away with preorders themselves? No they get it from the publishers.

himdeel3273d ago

...I can get a 360 with my sons Happy Meal at McDonalds :) BUT ONLY with a side of apple dippers.

darthv723273d ago (Edited 3273d ago )

She was saying her boys want a 360. She saw the 299 elite as well as the modern warfare bundle for $400. I told her to get the arcade cause it is cheaper and I would give them my 20gb hdd. I have 2 360's. An elite and an original pro w/120gb hdd so I dont need the 20gb.

Her boys arent that in to online play (they are 8) and whatnot so the 20gb will work for them. She will get them ODST and maybe lego game (BM, IJ, SW). Getting it from walmart with the extra gift card will work out for her.

@eagle: it does have free online (silver) and 1 wireless controller.

Lifendz3273d ago

I think MS' next console is coming in 2 years at the least and 3 at the max, but 199.99 with a gift card means free older game and Mass Effect 2.

Feral Gamer3273d ago

There's a difference between a commercial for Modern Warfare 2 and a Walmart gift card with Arcade purchase during Black Friday. Black Friday is when all retailers have crazy deals. It's not a desperation move funded by MS. I'm sure you'll find awesome deals on PS3 also.

BTW, I should buy one of these, get a cheap 360 HDD on ebay, and use the $100 gift card for games.

kws10653273d ago

if MS said Walmart to do so with little...something

slayorofgods3273d ago

The Wall mart electronics department is having a hard time getting rid of 360's

Budg3tG4m3r3273d ago

^^^fanboya^^^ shakes head... what a sad minority of gamers. First it was Sony who was desperate with the price cut, then again with the slim. Now it's MS's turn to get fanboy goo all over it even though they have had 3 price drops so far. Fanboys hate the truth that every console goes down in price over its lifetime and it will keep going down. Next year it will be Sony again, then Wii, and then MS... guess 2010 must be a desperate year for all three.

Fanboys it's like a stink you can never wash off.

slayorofgods3273d ago (Edited 3273d ago )

Are you pointing at me I'm simply stated a fact.

Budg3tG4m3r3273d ago

slayorofgods not you bro just stating a fact.

ABizzel13273d ago

Time to buy some Arcades

Consoldtobots3273d ago

well they have to do SOMETHING, I mean look.

TheReaper423273d ago

wish the PS3 from wal-mart would come with a $100 psn card..

Xgamerzus3273d ago (Edited 3273d ago )

Sad Truth, 800 More Jobs lost at MS!,360, Zune Vista,now employee cutts!!

Sad times for brainwashed consumers.

nirwanda3272d ago

Is that all 800 that's not that many for a large company like ms and in the newspaper in England today they are advertising new jobs at MS(pages 4 and 5 in the sun recruitment section)sony cut 16,000 jobs not that long ago.

Elaine Benes3272d ago

"Someone is desparate.. first a price cut, then a $50 dollar rebate now a $100 gift card..

Next they will knock on peoples doors and just hand people 360's.."

lmao-- are you sure the "desperate" someone isn't you? try reading the article, and COMPREHENDING the information as you read it.

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Sonyslave33273d ago

see droids MS can always cut the xbox 360 price i expect 360 to get another price cut when natal comes out.

2010 the fall of sony

Greywulf3273d ago

I mean, they can hand 360's out for free, just like the pricedrop when the Slim dropped the price..people just replacing their 360's buy new 360's. Luckily, its 1 in 2 owners that do every month.

More people buy PS3's because they waited for the price to drop. No one is waiting on the price to drop of the rrodbox.

The Killer3273d ago (Edited 3273d ago )

MS had 3 price cuts this year, the last 2 was just to counter ps3 price cut and still they came dead third last!!

the only way MS can compete is if they sell MS elite for $199. even that will be slaughtered by PS3 slim baby.


totally agree with u, many many people were waiting for ps3 price to be $299 and slim, but does any bot dare to say people were waiting for 360 to drop in price to buy it?? it is already $199 what else customers need? $99? or $00?

Chubear3273d ago

Ahh, The Beta-box-please-fix-me: Gimp in, Pay Beyond cause it only RRODs everything.

4point7BillionLoss3273d ago

PS3 needs to be $699 to make it profitable ... but we all know how good sales were back then

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TheBand1t3273d ago (Edited 3273d ago )

599.99 US Dollars.

Also Ridge Racer.

EDIT: lol, relax. 599.99 was a steal for a PS3 when I got mine.

happyface3273d ago

with 360 having all the huge games people want to play - Halo, GTA, Left4Dead and Forza plus this price, Sony is screwed

sony cant afford to drop price anymore, they're already losing billions on ps3

itchy183273d ago

yeah. i got my ps3 for 475 back then and i didn't ever regret buying one. it was really a good deal for me cause i got 8 free blu-ray movies. but even with out the 8 free blu-rays, it was still a good deal for me.

sikbeta3273d ago (Edited 3273d ago )

You know what is funny, when you talk about Sony losses, you're thinking like the people who bought one is affected in some way for that or something

But if we look at the people that really lost money because of the rrod, disc read errors, e74 and overheat hdmi cables is quite the opposite, that people put more money on fix their xbox or buy another, they spent more money than they thought

They are really losing money on the xbox, they buy one, then fix it, then fix it again, then buy another, then fix it, then fix it again and again ---> lol

I'm a Playstation supporter, not a shareholder so the losses don't affect me at all

Now, tell me who is the real winer....

cheapndirty3273d ago (Edited 3273d ago )

They work great as media center extenders and with the gift card cost as much as a netlfix Roku box. I may have to bite.

I buy groceries there anyway so I can use the gift card for that.

And... Gamestop should be having their buy 2 used get 1 free sale this weekend. You can go load up on some games for cheap, 360,wii or ps3 games.

Saaking3273d ago

I'd rather get a Ps2 at that price.

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LordMarius3273d ago

lmao $99 is still too much for trash

chrisulloa3273d ago

So is $299 for a movie player.

EpicGamerSwordsman3273d ago

Yep a Movie player with -

The ability to Play Video Games
Free Online Multiplayer
Blu tooth Support
Internet Browser
Built in Blu Ray
Built in Wi-fi
Netflix Support (Coming soon to a ps3 near you)
Wireless Controllers (w/o BATTERY PACKS)
Supports True HD

360's a Joke Compared to ps3 when it Comes to Pricing & Features. Next time you Call the ps3 a Movie Player, Mention the Features is has over the Crapbox, Also i like how bots call the ps3 a Movie player.. yet when the 360 got netflix last year.. all the Bots Bragged about it.