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In the time it's taken many to simply suss out the hardware, Burbank's Insomniac Games has made more triple-A titles for PS3 than any other developer. Say what you like about the solemn and scrappy Resistance series, but its ongoing work with Ratchet & Clank has been exemplary. The gambolling Future series – which comes to a close with this month's Ratchet & Clank Future: A Crack In Time – shows just what you can do when you know your market, nail down your philosophy and, above all, have just as much fun as you intend for your audience.

What is that philosophy and who are those players? Edge catch up with writer TJ Fixman and community relations manager James Stevenson to find out.

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LiquifiedArt3274d ago (Edited 3274d ago )

I'm an Insomniac fan.

I wish they would add trophies to Ratchet and Clank Future: Tools of Destruction!!

Make it happen! I still got my copy! It will feel like a complete set.

food863274d ago

omg I so agree with you I played tools of destruction multiple times to upgrade my weps to fullest get rhinvo IV and collect all the stuff and do all the skill points suffice to say I did everything humanly possible in this game. adding trophy support would warrant a return to this game for me. plus trus me this game does not look outdated and still holds its own graphically.

The Matrix3274d ago

Yeah I agree because I've played through Tools of Destruction 9 times.

Insomniac is the greatest developer at least of this current generation. They have released 4..4! games and a DLC game over the course of 4 years. ALL other developers take at least 2 years to make a game. And if they did spend 2 years on a game...let's just say they would make Uncharted 2 look like a last-gen game.

Xgamerzus3273d ago

Update the texture engine and better particle effects and their games will be Epic AAA!
The onyl thing holding them back I noticed is their textures and art style seem to be off and the textures in many places don't work and so do the Lame Particle effects.

The engine reminds me of Half life....(old tech BTW).If they could muster the level of detail they put into some of the Grim and such and gorgeous bosses then perhaps they'll be Epic AAA games on the way...
But for now AAA more AA but, The epic detail and distances and the MAssive polygons environments are still breathe taking.,, Just get the art and textures on par with Uncharted and such ....

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raztad3274d ago (Edited 3274d ago )

Edge scored ToD with 8/10 and ACiT with 7/10. Is that Edges's definition of AAA? Or those guys are just a hypocrites or their reviews are pure crap. It can be both.

Ju3274d ago

Quote (from interview): "who were 13 in 2002 and are 21 or 22 now," LOL. Either they live in a different time(zones) or those kids grow up fast...and not even with the same speed. LMAO. har har.

food863274d ago

I agree with James stevenson when asked about reviews for games where he quoted "You look for the people that are reasonable and well thought-out; some people construct their arguments very well. Some people, of course, are idiots and don't understand game development at all, and they'll say things that don't make any sense - but they don't know any better."

also like that jab he gave when the journalist talked about mario galaxy to which james answered " Well, let's go back to the PS2 games where we had spherical levels. It's not like Mario Galaxy did spherical levels and now we're doing spherical levels - we did do that before - but Mario Galaxy's done some phenomenal things that we’ve in some ways tried to emulate."

great interview. I learned lots from this and have enjoyed acit immensely. This game is for all ages to all the haters that say its a kids game. baaaahhh lool

raztad3274d ago

I find pretty funny that many reviewers that love to complain about R&C being the same, dont know spherical levels were in R&C since the PS2 era.

Unicron3274d ago

but its ongoing work with Ratchet & Clank has been exemplary.

Your reviews say otherwise Edge. Make up your mind.

food863274d ago

I find it ironic that Edge was the one that did this interview lol
after all the uncessary negativity they gave this game. this game is in no way a 7 my personal score for this games is 9

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