Beatles not putting Viacom's Rock Band in the black

It may be a long and winding road to profitability for The Beatles: Rock Band.

On a conference call with analysts today following its quarterly earnings report, Viacom executives said that their Rock Band video game franchise, whose only new product last quarter was the Beatles version, is losing money, as it has for the past two years.

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Smacktard3270d ago

The Beatles are terrible :D

Henry Cain3270d ago

Thats because its getting old.

i3eyond the Circle3270d ago

Let me start off by saying that Rock Band Beatles have exceeded expectations.

From the get go it was understood that the game wouldn't get into the black until after the holidays.

Understand that we nearly halved our advertising budgets and we pulled in 15% profit.

Rock Band has long legs we'll let it walk.