AggroGamer Review: Ratchet and Clank Future: A Crack in Time

AggroGamer: "Ratchet and Clank has enjoyed a really good run these past 7 years, and A Crack in Time is a great cap to the "future" series. In what may be the final game in the series, Ratchet must rescue Clank from Dr. Nefarious (the villain from Up Your Arsenal, the third game in the series).

Before we get in to deep, let's get a quick glance back at the Future trilogy thus far. In Tools of Destruction, an evil tyrant named Tachyon set out to revenge against the Lombax's for destroying his race. This is the first hint we get that Ratchet isn't the last Lombax in the galaxy. Ratchet and Clank defeat Tachyon but then Clank gets taken away by the Zoni, who had previously "helped" him throughout the game. Tools of Destruction ends with the kidnapping of Clank. And thus begins the shortest DLC only (in America) title in the Future series: Quest for Booty. In this episode, Ratchet is still looking for Clank and his goal is to find his location. After much tomfoolery, Ratchet learns the location, and sets off to go find him. And thus begins A Crack in Time (ACIT)."

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