AggroGamer Review: DJ Hero

AggroGamer: "Your palms sweat heavily as you approach the stage. There's a twitch, a solitary twinge of excitement racing through your veins and ready to explode from the tips of your fingers onto the vinyl that awaits you. The lights flicker and flash and the crowd roars as you make your entrance. You deftly weave between songs and paradoxical rhythmic patterns, cross-fading between sultry sirens and heard edged break beats. You match the intensity of the crowd with every pull of the record, every scratch rivaled by their increased volume. You give them what they want. Turntablism at its finest. And then you prepare your signature weapon. The grandest mix of them all. As the Jackson 5 begin to ramp up with "I Want You Back", you ready the second portion of this sonic arsenal.. Third Eye Blind's "Semi-Charmed Kind of Life." Wait.. What?

Yeah, though the gameplay is fantastic with a peripheral that certainly helps to revitalize a waning genre, there are some questionable content choices like the aforementioned mix above. This is not going to be a title for everyone, but I can safely say that for those who decide to take the risk with the title – you will not be disappointed. I'd even call this a redemption title for Activation. With its continued exploitation of the Guitar Hero franchise and its stale treatment of the genre for so long, it feels like they heard that innovation was required and they stepped up and delivered. It's not a perfect title, but it's a lot of fun."

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