NowGamer: Crackdown 2 Preview

NowGamer writes: "Not so long ago – let's call it three years seeing as that's how long ago it was – cynics were suggesting that Crackdown must be rubbish. Why else would Microsoft bundle a Halo 3 beta key in it if they didn't think it was a dead duck otherwise? That was the logic, but it was, of course, more than a little flawed. The fact is that any new IP, no matter how good, is a risky prospect even for a platform holder and Microsoft wanted to ensure Crackdown got the chance it deserved. Sure, it ended up selling to people that didn't really want it, and the pre-owned sections of game shops were flooded with copies soon after the beta was finished, but a lot of people hung onto their copies of Crackdown. We did. We've still got four Agility Orbs to find yet."

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