Modern Warfare 2: Huge TakeDown Glitch Leaked

A new video of Modern Warfare 2 is showing a huge glitch on the Takedown map.

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Hellsvacancy3270d ago

Do people not play-test games anymore?

tdrules3270d ago

of course.
such famous playtesters like good charlotte and fiddy *sigh*

erathaol3270d ago

Just the problem is that Publishers usually give a window when a game has to be ready and Developers have to make that window. During play test they usually focus on all the big issues first and if they can they try to work on whats left before launch. Usually anything that was left unfixed gets fixed later in a patch.

DarkTower8053270d ago

The problem is that the playtesters aren't accomplished glitchers. They play the games to find bugs, not glitches. What they need to do is hire people that actually spend their time trying to glitch.

MSpence5163270d ago

I guess it is kinda good that the game was leaked, finding glitches early increases the chances of a fast fix.

Shepherd 2143270d ago

funny how the first smart ass post gets all the attention with tons of agrees, then when others try to counter with actual logical explanations, they are sadly ignored or overlooked.

FunAndGun3269d ago

Glitching is going to ruin this game much like its predecessors.

Elaine Benes3269d ago

is open betas, or very large close betas.
Then they can have report of all the bugs and glitches they come across, on a massive scale.

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MetalGearRising3270d ago

Funny thing is even Kill zone 2 had glitches so i should call it Kill Glitch 2.

Lou Ferrigno3270d ago

@ MetalQueerRising

No dude,just no. you killed it.

PlayStation X3270d ago (Edited 3270d ago )

lol mgr
all games have glitches.

but if your gonna start on killzone 2 look at

glitches of war

glitches of war 2

glitcha motorsport 3
(forza glitchersport 3: the real glitching simulation)

halglitcho 3

yeah shut up

dazzalfc3270d ago

Or Glitches of War, or Glitcha Motorsport 3, of Left 4 Glitch, Glitch Effect, Rockstar Games presents Table Glitch, Sky Glitch Player, Glitchbox Live, Red Ring of Glitch, Disc Glitching

Wow, see, i can be a prick too.

Grow up MGR, your clearly a d!ckhead

Sir Ken_Kutaragi3270d ago

...he/it thinks 'MW2' is xBox 360 only!!! ;-D

Look - Published: 1 hour ago | Video | PlayStation 3 | Xbox 360 | PC

It says 'PlayStation 3' to!!! ;-D

Tr10wn3270d ago

What bored playing uncharted 2 over and over and over? i'm still playing forza 3 :) and guest what i didn't found any of thats glitches know why? because i'm not a glitch hunter i just play games :) anyways sit and wait for GT5 Aka Bumper Kart Game because when GT5 launch Forza 4 will be in development :D

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TheHater3270d ago

enable the video for me? The site video is not working for me.

Nitrowolf23270d ago

i can't see it either it won't play

Jamescagney3270d ago

Yeah the only glitch I can see is that the video doesn't work.

Fishy Fingers3270d ago (Edited 3270d ago )

Me either, but there is a video on youtube showing it.

Be warned, shows dual pistols, and worse, how to do it.

TheHater3270d ago

And wow. That is horrible. May IW would have done more play testing rather than more tweeting.

Shmotz3270d ago

Despite the fact that only 402 was doing the tweeting.

Good job.

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Wallonsi3270d ago

Lol this is why a beta would have helped alot.

JustinSaneV23270d ago

This is single player buddy.

MGRogue20173270d ago

The video isn't showing up.. SUCKEEEEEERRRRRR... xD

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