FIFA will thrash Pro Evolution Soccer, says EA

EA is feeling as confident as ever about the yearly FIFA vs PES battle as FIFA 08 and PES 7 prepare to do battle for another season.

"I'm happy to say that we're comfortably on top in the whole FIFA vs Pro Evolution Soccer battle," marketing manager Dan Holman told UK trade mag, MCV. Our market share has kept on increasing over the past three years, and more and more core gamers are being converted to FIFA all the time."

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Loopy4748d ago

Since when FIFA is better than PES, especially when done by EA?
At least EA knows how to make people laugh (although they may do it unconsciously...).

crunkthug4748d ago

fifa suc**
pes is the boss
these pes wannabes

brianodom4748d ago

PES will reign supreme again, they have licenses now..

EA will just put the trick moves back in and ship it out as usual..

PES will win again

Antan4748d ago

Trust EA to spin it into a sales statement.

Cartesian3D4748d ago

I hate these companies that bash their competitors for marketing..

PES rulez (my bro said :P )

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The story is too old to be commented.