30 Seconds To Mars Tells Dragon Age: Origins "This is War"

Dualshockers writes:

Before you go and think anything crazy, no, 30 Seconds to Mars is NOT declaring war against Bioware's newest RPG Dragon Age: Origins. However, their new song This is War, which is off their new album that drops December 9, is the headlining song to the soundtrack. A new trailer featuring the song has been released, and it was co produced by lead singer Jared Leto. Leto is an anomaly of sorts, an actor that successfully pursued a career in music. Think that I am lying? Check out this Bruce Willis classic, or maybe Keanu Reeves musical vision…

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BROOKLYN N-M-E3273d ago

what i'm liking so much about Dragon Age. The music and themes are kick ass!

Tomarcus3273d ago

That is exactly why this works so well imo.

taz80803273d ago

Very interesting. Games are getting more and more nmainstream