Gamervision: DJ Hero Review

Gamervision writes: "It wasn't until the phenomenon that was the very first Guitar Hero that music games really became one of the driving forces of the gaming industry. The advent of Rock Band fleshed the genre out a bit more, adding vocals and drums, but there hasn't been much to change the game since then. Until now. Admittedly, I was skeptical of DJ Hero when it was first announced. Guitar Hero managed to capture lightning in a bottle, and even though the market has since been flooded with follow-ups, I wasn't sure the masses were ready for a game devoted to such a niche aspect of the music industry. I felt like Activision was going out on an extremely fragile limb. After setting up my faux turntable and starting the game up, I can unashamedly admit that not only is DJ Hero a good game, but I'm also enjoying the hell out of it."

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