Is There A Future For Mature Games On Wii?

There are more than 50 million Wii systems worldwide. The social nature of the platform means the number of eyeballs in front of those 50 million Wiis on a daily basis is actually much bigger. Logically, the audience for a wide range of games and interactive experiences should be rather big, but based on the evidence so far, either that's not true -- or publishers have been hedging the wrong bets. No one has conclusively proved the case for (or against) the viability of mature games on Wii, but 2009 was a litmus test on a number of fronts, including the DS. The results aren't encouraging

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EvilTwin3275d ago

It's strange how they leave out the quotes about Sega saying they're pleased with the overall sales of HotD, Conduit and MadWorld.

[And they conveniently leave out that Chinatown Wars has gone on to sell over half a million copies and counting; DS games usually don't launch huge, they have long legs.]

But look at some of games:

MadWorld was a 6-hour long, black and white brawler.
Extraction was a 6-hour long rail shooter.
HotD was another rail shooter, albeit a more established one.

OTOH, games like NHM sell well enough to get a sequel.
The RE4 port sold very well.
RE:UC sold equally well.
[email protected] sold so well that Activision decided to port COD4.

There's a market for "mature" Wii games, but that doesn't seem to include rail shooters and narrow, niche games.

SpoonyRedMage3275d ago

Too be honest I think even if Sega has lost money on their mature Wii game they'll keep coming, I suspect it's part of the deal for Mario and Sonic at the Olympic Games; it was Sega's best selling game ever and I'm sure they don't mind losing money here and there when they've got a deal in place that more than compensates for it.

I have to say though, I'm not particularily looking for mature titles on the Wii, I have a 360 for gorey shooters, I prefer the quirky titles for the Wii. Actually, when I look at my whole games collection, the average rating is 12+/T.:S

I'd love to see a JRPG for the Wii from Sega...