AtomicGamer: Fairytale Fights Review

AtomicGamer writes: "Just under a year ago I was enjoying one of my favorite Nintendo DS titles of 2008. The unknown and underrated Little Red Riding Hood's Zombie BBQ was a simple, yet satisfying arcadey shooter that pitted a shotgun-toting Little Red against swarms of flesh-eaters in twisted fairy tale settings. The gameplay was straightforward run-and-gun stuff, but the dark humor was irresistible, especially to a self-described Disney geek who also happens to possess an insatiable hunger for mowing down undead menaces. So, when I heard about Fairytale Frights, a similar gaming mash-up of storybook fantasies and over-the-top gore, I was intrigued by the potential to once again paint candy-colored environments with the bloody innards of freaky fantasyland inhabitants."

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