Inside the New Strategy For the New PS3

DealerScope: Sony Computer Entertainment planned from the beginning of this year to cut the price of the PlayStation 3 in the fall- and is in the middle of rolling out a multi-pronged, multiplatform strategy to grow the popularity of the Blu-ray-enabled console.

That's according to the company's director of hardware marketing, John Koller, who addressed the Blu-Con event in Los Angeles Tuesday.

Koller called the Sept. 1 launch of the 120GB PS3 "Slim," featuring a new form factor, "an unqualified success," as the company sold 1 million of the devices in the first three weeks that it sold for $299. The company, on Tuesday, began selling a 250GB version, for $349.99

Sony's strategy, leading up to and since the cut, has been to expand the core audience for the device and to emphasize all of its functions, beyond traditional gaming. "It Only Does Everything" is a slogan the company has been using, emphasizing the console's Blu-ray player, its Wi-Fi capability, its social and online gaming functions, and its video downloads.

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Chris3993269d ago

The American media is laughable at times.

zoks3103269d ago

PS3 will be on fire this Holiday.... Sony finally took their gloves off.