Court confiscates Nintendo Wii from a young offender

GB writes: "Well, this case is unique. We all know that many people get violent by playing more and more video games, may be its a problem in their brains or they don't have elders to look after them. A 12 year old boy who had an impressive bio data of causing trouble was warned by the court that if he doesn't leave his violent ways, he can forget about his Wii."

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gameseveryday3270d ago

I guess confiscating a video game console wont help matters!

Darkstorn3270d ago

Nothing says the kid was inspired by video games in any way, I think the court is just taking away his video games to punish him for his minor offenses. It's not an anti-video game decision, per say.

shadowfish3270d ago

@1.1 - Someone who actually sees that side of it too. Yay.

Quoted "I don’t think it’s the game types that are the problem, I think it’s been treated as a form of punishment. Plus, people get frustrated at video games, which can lead to spontaneous violence. I think it’s more of a matter of him spending not a lot of time on a video game console, and spending more time with his family, and devloping a better social attitude."

williamkenny3270d ago

Ha! What a joke. The kid needs counseling or something, not his Wii confiscated.

Elwenil3270d ago

Counseling is a joke. The kid needs better parents and probably a good healthy ass whipping. All this liberal BS about not whipping kids has spawned a whole generation of worthless, selfish, spoiled kids who can't behave to save their lives. All the "positive reinforcement" BS just teaches kids that all they need to do to get what they want is misbehave and then their parents will "bribe" them with whatever they want. All my son's friends are like that and their parents are going poor trying to keep them in school and out of jail. Ridiculous.

iceman063269d ago

Although I would disagree with you that counseling is a JOKE, I would say that your attitude toward this child lacking the proper guidance and discipline from his parents is exactly the problem. These parents are the classic example of positively reinforcing negative behaviors. Behavior in itself is about conditioning...and this child has basically been conditioned to think that no matter how he acts...he can get whatever he wants. Now the courts have been asked to set the limits that his parents decided not to set. It is a pitiful example of where parenting can go wrong.

gameseveryday3270d ago

yeah its really quite weird that the court confiscated a Wii and doesn't even care to send the child to a counselling center. That would have been more effective!

williamkenny3270d ago

Yeah. I think its stupid how some people think that computer games are the root of all evil. If they don't want violent children, get the child some therapy.

gameseveryday3270d ago

I guess along with the boy, the court is equally involved in the child not straightening up. I mean for a video games console? I mean common, no wonder we are having incidents where a 10 year old shot his entire school!

williamkenny3270d ago

It's not the court's fault. I can't really judge because I don't know enough about it, but i look to the parents first.

gameseveryday3270d ago

Its amazing that the parents have nothing to say about the matter!

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The story is too old to be commented.