Battlefield devs keeps hammering on Modern Warfare 2's lack of dedicated servers

While Infinity Ward continues its cone of silence on the PC dedicated server issue for Modern Warfare 2, its rival developer Digital Illusions continues to (indirectly) hammer on the fact that their upcoming shooter Battlefield Bad Company 2 will support such servers in their March 2010 game. The latest shot across the bow comes on the game's official blog site where they reproduce a fan letter from a gamer who sent in the $60 he would have spent on Modern Warfare 2.

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Saaking3979d ago

normally I would say a dev bashing another dev isn't good, but this justified. IW is gimping the PC version, that ain't right.

toaster3979d ago

I have been supporting DICE since Battlefield 1942.

It's good that they are using people's anger and crafting something beautiful out of it (Bad Company 2). It's like the Darkside, but with better gameplay, better graphics, and overall better quality.

Yeah they are totally talking about "dedicated servers for Nancy Drew: Warnings at Waverly Academy. " LOL

YoungKiller253979d ago

i dont think dice should be trying to bash anyone this reminds me of turn 10 bashing PollyDee, neither Dice or TUrn 10 have made games i loved PollyDee and IW have so they just need to shut up.

kaveti66163979d ago

Double standard much? Yeah, IW are doing something unfavorable, but clearly DICE's decision to bash IW constantly about this doesn't seem honorable. Unless DICE is doing this so that IW changes their minds about dedicated servers. Hmmm. I'm reserving judgment on this. This might be a good thing.

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BX813979d ago

Dice would be easily forgotten about in this mess if they went to dedicated servers. I can't wait for Battlefield 2 but let's be honest!

glennc3979d ago

they aint really bashing, i read it differently

divideby03979d ago

they cant say jack,,they are totally wrong.
Dice is spot on