Evil Avatar: WWE Smackdown vs. Raw 2010 Review

Evil Avatar writes: "There was a little bit of controversy surrounding the partnership between THQ and Jakks Pacific, the two companies that see to these yearly game iterations, as the two couldn't quite decide whether or not they really wanted to continue on. That was a bit alarming for me – although I rarely watch the show I always pick up the game every year. If THQ aren't that bothered about making them anymore then surely this one will end up being an afterthought?"

The Good

* Load screens are much less frequent and the game is, in general, much slicker.
* A treasure trove of content and modes.
* Create modes that keep on giving and that let hardcore fans share their ideas.
* The most refined the mechanics have ever been with spot on difficulty.

The Bad

* Doesn't embrace the true craziness that it has the potential to display.
* Really poor commentary.

The Ugly

* Online is still a mess.

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