Killing innocents: a Marine's take on Modern Warfare 2 leak

Last week, some footage leaked from the upcoming Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2. Though it has since been taken down-with Activision claiming "copyright infringement"-the short video left a lasting impression. It depicted Russian terrorists gunning down what appeared to be innocent civilians in an airport. What made this scenario so shocking was that it wasn't a cut-scene, instead the player was actually controlling the carnage, forced to shoot civilians to proceed. You, as the player, will be given the opportunity to put noncombatants in the crosshairs and pull the trigger.

Unsurprisingly, the leak has garnered its fair share of controversy, with voices shouting out both for and against the scene in Infinity Ward's game. Some say it's a sign of the maturation of the medium. Others say it's tasteless. Ars decided to get the opinion of someone with a unique perspective: a former US Marine.

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HaughtyBiscuit3272d ago

It's a nice take on this issue, to get a voice of experience first hand on the controversy. However, I couldn't help but feel that there was a certain jingoism in the standpoint. It isn't really about being penilised if you are on the 'right' side, it is about the stresses placed upon the player and method in which the airport scene is presented.

nycredude3272d ago

I think in order to change it up it would be interesting if IW designs the next COD they develop aroung you playing the villian throughout the whole game. However I don't see it ever happening in the future of gaming. That would really throw everyone for a loop!

Immigrant3272d ago


/samuel l jackson

CommonCent3272d ago

Your a undercover CIA Agent, I think people are failing to realize that they put that segment into the game so "you" would have to kill civilians to keep your cover. This has been done in movies, although B movies, they are very effective in building up tension. I hate reading, "omg they make you kill as many civilians as possible just to do it....."

ZBlacktt3271d ago

The point here is that some have seen/been and done these acts in real life. Opposed to you who have not served in the armed forces and your actual experience is a video game or movie. Obviously the effects are far different between the two persons watching/doing the act. Either way, we can respect a former active duty persons opinion in the story. It won't change the game any. But I get the message he is trying to convey. As I've been there done that myself in real life. I was a Marine for 8 years and I too have a Combat Action Ribbon.