Heavy Rain a Ps3 system seller says David Cage

VideoGamesRepublic: Quantic Dreams boss and Heavy Rain director David Cage believes that Heavy Rain is already convincing gamers to purchase a PS3.

Chatting about the narrative-driven title Cage said that the buzz on the Internet forums is that Heavy Rain will help shift a few PS3 consoles.

"This experience should be available exclusively on PlayStation 3, and we want people to buy a PlayStation 3 because of Heavy Rain", he told IGN.

"We're really happy at the moment - and I hope it's going to last – that when we go onto forums we find people watching the trailers and stuff and saying 'this is the game that's going to make me buy a PlayStation 3'", he added.

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Nitrowolf23268d ago

whoa what happened with 1 and 2?
man i can't wait to try this out

sinncross3268d ago

Must have been a slight mistake upon submission.
The article's title is:
'Heavy Rain a PS3 seller says David Cage'

I'm not too sure if this will be true though... seems like a niche title. With some good marketing nearer the title it may stand some hope of good sales and hopefully it does, HR seems quite engaging story wise.

Hellsvacancy3268d ago (Edited 3268d ago )

I just copied a pasted the headline as i saw it my bad

Parapraxis3268d ago

yup, like Hellsvacancy said, he just copied the title.
The author made a simple typo, but it's been fixed now ;)

My comment on the source site:
I’d love to see Heavy Rain a success.
Sony needs to really get behind it with the marketing and really let prospective gamers know what the game is all about.

thedisagreefairy3268d ago

but it looks like a fantastic experience.

with the amount of work they put into this (especially with scripts) i hope they get a good profit out of this game.

i know they are getting $60 from me

deadreckoning6663268d ago

Yep, if Sony ACTUALLY markets it right then I don't see why it couldn't be. There best bet is too put this in movie theaters. A commercial spot would be too short to get the point across of what this game is.

ico923268d ago

i mean i find this game fascinating and will buy it the day it comes out but highly doubt it will shift ps3's but heck i said the same thing about uncharted 2

Cold 20003268d ago

Bah it will probably hit a million if marketed right, but too "serious" to be a system seller unless theyre planning to bringing adult non gamers to gaming with this.
But I dont see that happening, people intersted in a game like this already own a console.

pharmd3268d ago

it f*ckin better be, its been in development forever it seems....

ive lost interest

pixelsword3268d ago

I wanted both, but now I'm waiting on the final product of Alan Wake because of it's shift to episodic content... but both can be system sellers if done well.

beardpapa3268d ago (Edited 3268d ago )

I hope this David Cage doesn't turn into that other guy *Cough* nariko * cough cough*.

He's praising the PS3 now and saying it's not possible without the Cell, Bluray, bbq, batman, twinkies ...

but that's also what the other guy said too.

And what happened to him when the game met abysmal sales? He turned tail and said "Hey guys let's do some multiplats." I'm sure that guy was banking on the PlayStation name to help sell his game, instead of creating a triple A game to help sell the system. I currently wonder what's the progress over there at Ninja Theory.

The game was great... just a little tooooo short and lacked any replay value.

Let's just hope Mr. Cage doesn't change his tune if The Origami Killer doesn't spark any head lines upon its inception into public hands.

marinelife93268d ago

PS2 Never really had a system seller. It was a culmination of all the great franchises that made it amazing. I think Heavy Rain will be another in a long list of awesome games that will round out the PS3 library.

kws10653268d ago

Considering this game is quite unique that no one has bought PS3 for such genre, it is true. But considering such genre has been sold badly, I don't see it will happen.

Even if some people buy PS3 for this game, but there will be few.

sikbeta3268d ago

"too "serious" to be a system seller"

What you want? a mario rip-off! lol

Seriously, I want this game because is pointing to a mature audience with an strong story, not a shoot-em up or hack and slash or a "family fun" game
and I like the characters for being common people, not training space-marines or a mustache plumber in a "rainbow and pink clouds everywhere" world

Is innovative, new and is looks pretty awesome


ultimolu3268d ago

I can't wait to try this out but I don't know if it's a system seller. God of War III, Gran Turismo, and FFXIII will most likely be system sellers.

Arnon3268d ago

I honestly don't seem to be too excited about Heavy Rain. I'm waiting for Alan Wake more, simply due to the fact that we've seen more on it I think. Also, I'm saying this without sounding terrible towards the game, but I in no way, can see this being a system seller. Did Indigo Prophecy even sell well, or become mainstream in any way for people to recognize the title?

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Feral Gamer3268d ago

I don't think it's a system seller. Unfortunately, this is the sort of title which may not meet sales expectations. I hope it sells well because it seems like a good idea, but outside of N4G I haven't heard anyone discuss this game at all!

cliffbo3268d ago

it may sell some, but it's not going to create a spike. it's unfortunate though because this game looks incredible. i just hope it sells well enough for them to consider making a follow up.

Darkfiber3268d ago

Nope, sorry. I doubt it'll sell 1 million in its first year. Going to be really cool, and I'm going to get it, but it's not going to sell.

Game looks amazing except for the voice acting. I really hope it's just random QA guys filling in for real voice actors before the game comes out, but I have a bad feeling they are final. They are really bad...

Batzi3268d ago

I highly HIGHLY doubt deeply inside my heart that Heavy Rain is even going to sell well. Graphics alone are nothing! I mean look at Killzone 2, the most hyped game of this generation, it only managed to sell 2 million copies only ever since they started hyping it back in 2005 and guess what? Killzone 2 had amazing graphics. When developers of this generation realize that graphics isn't the most important aspect in a video game, then we might start considering the game's success. Gameplay comes first. Until this very moment, Heavy Rain's gameplay is below average.

deadreckoning6663268d ago (Edited 3268d ago )

I agree. But the reason KZ2 wasn't as successful as it was supposed to be was primarilly Sony's fault for hyping it to be the next coming of God. Ur completely right that graphics really don't mean squat. Its all about long-lasting fun and polished gameplay. I enjoyed Killzone 2 for several months but I haven't played it since September. COD4 on the other hand ive been playing for 2 YEARS and it hasn't gotten old.

LeonSKennedy4Life3268d ago

You've never played Indigo Prophecy, have you?

There is NOTHING below average about Quantic Dream. Heavy Rain is an interactive movie. That's what it is.

Fifty bucks says it's one of the most memorable experiences of your life though.

Graphics aren't everything. It's the Peter Jackson method. Even though Lord of the Rings has some of the best visuals ever captured on film, Jackson doesn't flaunt it like a schoolboy. He leaves that to lesser directors like Michael Bay.

SnukaTheMan3268d ago

Not many people even Know or seen that game to think this will be a system seller.

fishd3268d ago

The only "below average" thing here is your taste,now go play some FPSs

beardpapa3268d ago

KZ2 wasn't successful at all. Just look at the name! As a typical consumer, I wouldn't want my kids playing a game that has the name KILL ZONE, let alone see the horror of my love ones staring at me for playing a game that emphasizes on KILL ZONE.

The word KILL is enough to make Average Jane steer clear away from it. It's definitely not a great jingle.

GG should just abandon that name and think of something else. At least Insomniac hit it with Resistance. Resistance doesn't scare anyone away. It's just that it's a generic shooter at best with a very good storyline.

Batzi3268d ago (Edited 3268d ago )


As much as I love the protagonist in Resident Evil 4 :P, I must say I disagree with you. It might be unique or memorable but it's no way a system seller and it doesn't have much history behind it to support the thought of it being a system seller or even selling well. You said it, it's an interactive movie, how can an interactive movie sell a system when my dvd player can do the same? :P All jokes aside, I personally don't think the gameplay is appealing much although if there is one think that might force me to get it is the fact that it's a thriller and the story sounds interesting but still hate the idea that the protagonist can die and it has over 6 stories. In any case, I'll keep an eye on it. In the mean time, let's think of how AMAZING Resident Evil 4 was eh??? :D


I love FPS and Modern Warfare is no where near below or even average. The game set a new standard to FPS games and destroyed the famous counter-strike. But you got it all wrong, I play other genres too, action/adventures, and I don't think the man in my avatar ever deliverd anything besides a masterpiece, so I think you should've looked much deeper instead of labeling us "FPS gamers only". Metal Gear FTW! :P


Damn straight pal, not to mention the constant swearing and the heavy use of the F-bomb in the game which weren't necessary and made the game and characters look more ridiculous and disgusting.

Persistantthug3268d ago

Also, to be honest, the game is an M rated game....I would sure hope that you wouldn't let them play Killzone 2, it's not a game for kids.

raztad3268d ago (Edited 3268d ago )

It seems Batzi already played HR and its giving us his impressions. Thanks dude.


Effectively games like KZ2, manthunt, Heavy Rain (despite the name), are not meant to be played by children. They are aimed to a real Mature audience. I' m sure nobody is expecting HR to sell 5m. Only teen and kid friendly games are able to pull those numbers with very few exceptions like MGS4 of course, game has an incredible large audience.

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