Don't Know Much About History

NGai Croal: "Then I saw the much-discussed YouTube footage of deceased Nirvana frontman Kurt Cobain's Guitar Hero 5 avatar doing his best Flavor Flav and Jon Bon Jovi impressions. As a result, I started to wonder whether the Beatles' representatives and Harmonix hadn't had the right idea after all. There was something disturbing about seeing a reasonably well-done facsimile of the angsty grunge rocker, wearing one of Cobain's iconic sweaters and singing songs like Bring The Noise 20XX and You Give Love A Bad Name."

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GWAVE3268d ago

People should listen to Daniel Johnston...every time Kurt Cobain played a show or appeared on MTV he wore a shirt of Daniel Johnston's first album "Hi, how are you?". Sonic Youth also adored Johnston.

George Sears3268d ago

Who here bets with me that to consolidate Courtney Love's agony when it comes to the use of Kurt on a distinct manner, Activision will release a GH Nirvana (In which I would like actually) to ease her pain?

3267d ago