Modern Warfare 2 Limited to 9v9 And Other PC Woes

NG writes:

"Who really needs more than 18 people in one game anyway? Or an ability to pick who is hosting? Or an in-game console? (We know only paedophiles used the console in MW1). Oh, and leaning around corners? A likely story. Only F.A.G.S. used that on PC. Still, it's not all bad news coming out of a developer chat with Best Buy. IW confirmed the PC version is not a port of the console version, citing "mouse control, text chat in game, and graphics settings"."

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Gandysampras3270d ago

Wow, they could have just refused to make a PC version if they wanted people to only buy it on consoles.

wardrox3270d ago

I assume there are people who don't check the net to see if a PC game is worth buying who'll waste their money on this.

Mista T3269d ago

it's 10$ cheaper and will run better on a high end PC, what more will you ask for unless your spoiled? I'm a console gamer so I'll get bashed for what I think like usually

nycredude3269d ago (Edited 3269d ago )

Yeah it's $10 cheaper but knowing Activision lately they will probably release dedicated server support in a DLC for $10 shortly after they release.

Edit at below

I don't condone pirating but if any game is deserving of it it's this one. I can totally see this as being the most pirated game ever.

Edit 2 Oh shat I forgot they raised the price. Now I KNOW this will be the most pirated game ever!

Megaton3269d ago

@1.2/1.3 - It's not $10 cheaper. Along with all the feature plucking, they raised the price to $60.

Mista T3269d ago

well then that's F'd up, why the F is it 60$???

Megaton3269d ago (Edited 3269d ago )

It's $60 because Activison feels like it should be. There was also a price hike for the console version in Europe. They're basically just being complete and utter assholes, and know gamers will take it like the sheep they expect us to be.

If you've gotta have the game, buy it used, or pirate it. Though at this point, with 2.5 million sheeple already lubed up and waiting with their pre-orders, it hardly matters. They're still going to be handsomely rewarded with a mountain of money.

toaster3269d ago

Why aren't there more threads about Bad Company 2?

Oh yeah, because good gameplay takes a backseat to hype trains.

JsonHenry3269d ago

Not going to buy this game. Just gonna get Bad Company 2.

badz1493269d ago

I thought they were only removing the dedicated servers support but this? IW should off just make MW2 for consoles! all these make them look like a douchebag even more!

BYE3269d ago



BC2 = Teamplay, Tactics
MW2 = Deathmatch

The masses don't like using their brains when playing a video game.

Elven63269d ago

Remember what happened with Treyarch decided not to make a Call of Duty 3 PC port?

Also, this is ridiculous! Even Perfect Dark Zero on the 360 supported 32 players via P2P and it ran pretty good most of the time. Why don't IW just include it? Who cares if it won't work well for some, don't piss of the audience more than you already have!

Sm0k3y_Bac0n3269d ago (Edited 3269d ago )

@eveyone spitting their dummy out.
If you dont like it then dont buy it.

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meetajhu3269d ago

LMAO Killzone 2 16v16 more enjoyment better gfx and sound and gameplay classes,lvlup system etc!! I'll pirate MW2 for PC play Single player and say goodbye to Infinity Ward!

NaiNaiNai3269d ago

Ummm. If killzone 2 is all around better. why get MW2 at all?

Or is killzone really not as good as you preach it is?

Ninjamonkey3269d ago

This is the problem. Its like IW arnt even stepping up to beating other FPS games.

Battlefield's party piece is destructable envoronments

Killzone 2 has brilliant graphics and huge multi level maps (more games should have them)

Resistance 2 has 60 player online and brilliant co-op

Halo 3 has a mix if great vehicles and guns, and great controls

Modern warefare 2? Its got perks but most games have a level up system so really what does the game have that I cant get from killzone 2 or halo 3???

Ninjamonkey3269d ago

Killzone 2 is very good. Not without its faults but a very good online experience.

In Killzone 3 the only thing they need to fix is their classes. The sniper class is way overpowered, its the n00b machine... Go completely invisible and shoot people in the face with a sniper rifle 3 feet away. =S

NaiNaiNai3269d ago

Actually I don't think Killzone 2 is a bad game. I'm just messing with him. :P

If you knew me well enough most of the crap I said is total BS just to bug people. XD

OrganicMachine3269d ago

you haven't played Killzone 2 have you? to think that the Sniper class is overpowered... lol you fool, everybody who play Skillzone 2 will say that the Assault class is overpowered or the Shotgun is overpowered.

srsly dude, play the game that you're trying to criticize

badz1493269d ago

overpowered? you mean 1 hit kill? dude, all sniper rifles in all games do that!

NaiNaiNai3269d ago

Since I have 6 negatives, killzone 2 must suck then?

ForTheFallen3269d ago

The reason you have so many negatives is because you're asking why one should get or really pirate MW2; the single player will probably be really good.

That's why (although I would never dream of pirating) I would, hypothetically, of course, pirate the sh!t out of this game to send a message.

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DLA2K93269d ago

You people need to get a life!!! its a game, play it or dont...i could care less

nycredude3269d ago

What we have a life, as a matter of fact we are gamers and we have many lives.

Just yesterday I was Roland and kicking monster ass on an alien planet looking for a secret vault. The day before I was Nathan Drake searching of Shambala, and before that being a lone warrior trying to save the kingdom of Bolataria was awesome. Next week I'm going to slay Dragons as a Mage.

OrganicMachine3269d ago

coz we played the first game that we loved and now we have a sequel that was gimped and raised the price? does that sound like a good thing to you? buy a game that was before $50 and has everything or buy the game that is $60 and less of what the first one had? be smart

ForTheFallen3269d ago

this isn't just about games's about control. IW knows that if they can get rid of dedicated servers, it's only a matter of time before they can start forcing DLC at $10.

It's just incrementalism. Slowly walking us into a new world order...uhh I mean, DLC. lol.

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tdrules3269d ago

wow thanks for implementing features that are standard in every pc game since 95.
what next:

Charmers3269d ago

Oh god don't give them ideas. I can see IW doing that for the next COD they do "yeah we removed keyboard and mouse support because PC gamers wanted the game to be more accessible". I don't hold out much hope for the future of COD on the PC now. I think IW should just ditch the PC, they obviously have no interest in us PC gamers now and they are doing more harm than good.

evrfighter3269d ago

MW3 will only be playable on an IWcontroller. It'll have a button for shooting and another button for locking on. All in the name of a more "enjoyable experience".

wardrox3269d ago

You forgot the button to buy DLC :P

MetalGearRising3269d ago

Who cares for pc version all the Action will be played out on xbox360 only console to enjoy this masterpiece.

qwertyuiopasdfghjkl3269d ago

Thats just silly. You must be drunk.

CernaML3269d ago

Dear Xbox,

Thanks for gimping our games! =]

DLA2K93269d ago

100% true!!!!! PS3 controller is horrible and PC gaming is laughably lame

randomwiz3269d ago

I prefer pc gaming because you know you're not gonna come across idiots, cause the only people who game on pc's are mature, because they need to afford the pc.

plus pc gaming gives free add-ons, free online play, and awesome custom stuff.

CernaML3269d ago

Because paying more for the game itself, DLC, and to play online is totally radd amirite?

MegaPowa3269d ago

the 360 version? just watch millions of RRODS happen because people played mw2 for so long.

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