Demon's Souls - The Most Boring Game of the Year

Edge: Playing Demon's Souls makes me a boring person.

I've been playing the game. A lot. And I love it. A lot. The other night I spent hours with it, and in those hours, all I did was farm the same sections again and again, futz around with my gear, gain a few soul levels, and kill one Vanguard demon - and I killed him by shooting about fifty arrows into his forehead while he just stood there scratching himself.

If you'd been sitting there watching me, you would have been screamingly, knuckle-suckingly bored. In fact, my wife kept walking by and asking, "Weren't you here before? Didn't you kill that thing before? Didn't you kill all those things?" Yessiree I did, but they didn't drop the large sharpstone I need for my +5 Falchion. And so I've gotta kill 'em again.

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Parapraxis3269d ago (Edited 3269d ago )

Yeah buddy, If it's too hard for you, you can just admit it.

Some may disagree it seems.
Okay apparently you can't admit this game is too hard for ya. Wouldn't want to look like a pu**y after all.

kapedkrusader3269d ago your rush to make the first comment you and missed out on a very well written analysis on what makes Demon's Souls like "tantric sex".

Parapraxis3269d ago

Yeah I read it, Just dislike when people use titles for hits.

kapedkrusader3269d ago

...luckily I read the beginning on this page before hitting the link. He said he loved it in the first sentence, which got me intrigued as to why he would say it's boring.

Nineball21123269d ago

It's an interesting article and it makes me want to get this game even more.

Just too many games out at the moment. No point in buying them, if I don't have time to play them yet. I'll pick this one up eventually.

nycredude3269d ago (Edited 3269d ago )


This game is better than most of the games out and coming this year. Trust me.

Edit: I just picked up Dragon Age also and now am torn between playing the two. They are both games that deserve 100% attention in order to get the most out of them. Between the two of them I would say you have close to 200 hours of gaming there.

The two are similar in a small way in that they both are fantasy and rpg type games. Dragon Age however is story heavy where as Demon's Souls is all about the gameplay! Happy gaming!

Nineball21123269d ago (Edited 3269d ago )

@ nycredude, I just ordered DA: Origins (i don't have it yet though).

I'm hoping I made the right choice. I picked it since I was a huge Baldur's Gate fan.

I'll get Demon's Souls at some point... I've heard too many good things about it not to.

Edit: Thanks for the info. nycredude! I'm looking forward to getting it.

LiquifiedArt3269d ago

The title is PURPOSELY misleading.

The game is extremely addictive.

Marceles3269d ago (Edited 3269d ago )

Wow Edge wrote this? nice

erathaol3269d ago

Right now I've started a New Game+ and I don't think I'll have another. Playing it through once was fun and frustrating but trophy hunting makes the game a chore. I recommend making a new character and reading the wiki to make the experience easier.

On the plus side, once you get over the low levels where everything kills you, you enjoy getting revenge on every creature there is.

xTruthx3269d ago (Edited 3269d ago )

This game made me play for 24 hours straight.... I try to not play it for now cus I have a lot of work, cus I know if I start playing I wont stop. Right now I think I'm on lvl 156

WenisWagon3269d ago

Its funny, when a ps3 gets their "games of the year" (killzone 2, uncharted 2, demon's souls), when compared to other consoles (such as the Xbox 360), they are essentially boring pieces of crap.

Viper73269d ago

Actually Demon's Souls doesn't force any1 to grind. You can complete the game over and over again to get all the gear, ores, equipment. Also if you take down some of the bosses trough sissy means like shooting the vanguard with arrows its you who is boring not the game.

However many do prefer to grind to get the gear early to lessen the difficulty, but if you pwn you pwn. Getting souls becomes ridicuously easy after new game plus +

All ores that are needed can be bought or hunted from crystal lizards.

3269d ago
sikbeta3269d ago (Edited 3269d ago )

I imagine right now why he said that:

"this game is weird, what this skull trying to dooo, oh no nono!!! wait!!! I'm starting!!!, [email protected](K, already dead

ok I'll retry..... where is the retry option? (!!!), there is no retry option?! I have to do it again?! S#it!!....

ok, I'll do it, here comes again that skull, now I'm prepared to kill you with my shotg.... wait where the [email protected] is my shotgun!!!, hell NO!!! there is NO shotgun.....Ahhhhh!!!!

MOM is tøø difficult, tell the guy in the store to change it for wii fit"

/joke, is a really challenging game XP

slayorofgods3269d ago

The amount of hours I spent farming / lvling on that game is far greater than on Demon's Souls. Yet this boring factor the author speaks of left me more satisfied by the end than if the farming had never took place.

Can't we say "Demon's Souls is the most rewarding game" instead. This wording makes a lot more sense to me.

DaTruth3269d ago (Edited 3269d ago )

Grinding is entirely up to you! I did a bit of it, but if you find the right places you spend a lot less time.

You can fight almost any enemy cheaply, but that is your decision. I personally fought the Vanguard with my Quality Spear.

Game must be good, I don't put 100 hours into a game in a month that isn't fun!

This game is amazing; If you wanted to, you could battle your way from the first nave in Boletaria Castle, all the way across the wall, through the whole 3rd area(which is huge), kill King Allant, gaze from his tower at the area where you started from in the far distance miles away, run all the way back to the beginning and kick the body of the first nave you fought that is still laying there. That is technical prowess!

frostypants3269d ago (Edited 3269d ago )

I'm playing Dragon Age as well. While it's fantastic in terms of story, compared to Demon's Souls it feels about as threatening as the Magic Kindom at Disney World.

Dragon Age tells a great story but Demon's Souls burrows into your psyche.

Both are great games though.

Jaces3269d ago

It's an RPG, those were never fun to watch. Unless it was a neat cutscene or Epic fight....which are far and few in between. =P

xenogamer3269d ago

why would you farm Large sharp stone shard when you can just buy it from the filthy man in 2-2... NOOB!! Oh btw, this is my game of the year, i love this game so much, and its really a refreshing RPG, i play mostly old school jRpgs and this western style jrpg totally grabed me and never let go, its not that hard as ppl say, i only died like 8 times the whole game, most of my time i was in body form. Need some tips just pm me, i got a whole mess of them, especially for pvp.

Ashby_JC3269d ago

The fact that you didnt read the article and the fact that a TON of ppl gave you AGREES is WHY some ppl on this site are pathetic (some not all)

HOW ABOUT READ THEN COMMENT!!! Is that so freaking HARD!!


vickers5003269d ago (Edited 3269d ago )

I was about to say "cue the "hez dosint liek teh gamez cuz its' two hard!!11!"" but it seems those comments are already out and plentiful. Sure, the article doesn't have to do with that, but I'm replying to the knee jerk reactions from you fanboys on n4g. You see kids, not everyone has to like the same things that you do.

They can choose to not like something that you do not, not because of your imaginary "its TOO HARD four them!!!11" reason. No, it's because they have what is called an opinion. I will do a favor for you little kiddies reading and tell you what the definition of an "opinion" is (no it's not a foreign word). Opinion: A personal belief or judgment that is not founded on proof or certainty. There, you learned a new word today, wasn't that fun? Now what do we do whenever someone has an opinion that is different than ours? No, we don't personally attack them or criticize THEM, we simply accept that they don't have to think like us, and that it is FINE for them to think for themselves because we don't want a bunch of sheep who all think alike now do we? Hmm, nevermind. Knowing most of the sites commenting behavior, it's clear that the majority of you think alike and want everyone else to think the same way.

djfullshred3269d ago

People that don't like eye grabbing article titles that make you say, "What? Wait a second fella", do not realize that is good journalism. If they grab you with the title, even if misleading, they have gotten task #1 complete...getting your attention.

Proxy3269d ago

I reach level 30 in about an hour on every play through I've been through recently.

I never take time to farm. The closest thing to farming for me is combing each level for every item. Usually I have to go back because I rush through and kill the boss, then claim the items on a second run.

LastDance3269d ago

Well I just killed the orange dragon by shooting 200 arrows into it as it made the same pass over and over again. The funny thing is I was on the rooftop where he could easily have attacked me but didn't..


O2_Addict3268d ago

It redefines the expectations for the genre.

TheDeadMetalhead3268d ago (Edited 3268d ago )

Misleading title is misleading.

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Manac0R3269d ago (Edited 3269d ago )

I gotta say I got a PS3 for demon soul's alone and i m not disappointed. Way after the thrill of Shambala (UC2) has passed I find myself launching Soul Rays at hordes of BP's, grinding for gear and using the wiki as my unholy bible.

I gotta admit Demon souls isnt great to the onlooker, but thats not the point! How can a mere mortal bystander feel the tug of the Nexus?

Demon Soul allows me to slay Archdemons and caputre their very essence... but alas the game itself has stolen mine lol :) and i m loving it :)

"We shall give them death and they will love us for it.."

zeeshan3269d ago

Welcome to the PS3 community :) Now once you are done with these games, grab yourself a copy of Killzone 2 and Metal Gear Solid 4. Those are both great games indeed!

CadDad3269d ago

I've put in 150+ hours into Demon's Souls since Oct 6th.... That's as much time as I've spent at work. /boggle

My NFL watching is even suffering!


DaTruth3269d ago (Edited 3269d ago )

Same here! I took a day to race through Uncharted 2 to finish it, just to get back to Demon's Souls and wasn't able to go back to Un2 till I finished Demon's Souls. I decided to hallmark it and finish it at 100 hours at level 100!

Off topic: These guys really screwed up my game with that Halloween crap! I had almost all areas to pure white tendency and was a day from getting my friendship ring, then these guys pure blacked the whole game and crushed all my progress. Thought it would go back after, but clearly they didn't care about that part.

mastiffchild3269d ago

You want to know about Demon's Souls? You want to know what a trial it can be? It's ruining my life and I haven't even got it yet!

First I read the reviews eagerly hoping to see whether the Japanese release was what I'd been hoping seemed it was as the good scores rolled in and reviews extolling it's granite hard nature. Then it all started going wrong.

I tried, like usual, to order the asian/endlish version from Play.Asia-and they stopped exporting to the UK! I managed to buy a copy on Ebay and when it arrived I opened the wrapper only to fins a KH2 box with some game I'd never heard of inside! So I'd got conned but I got the cash back so I thought I'd wait for the EU release after the inevitable US one.

And of course they then announce there's no plans for an EU release! Brilliant. By now the furore about the game is going mental with US reviews falling over themselves to praise the game in all kinds of ways so I decide there's only one thing to do and look for a copy to import-again.

So I try the usual suspects but there's nothing in stock, have to try back in a week or two. Thing is I can't wait and I've finished U2 four times while waiting already! So I try Ebay and decide I'll only buy from someone in the UK with 100% feedback-if there's something to buy I thought. Well, there was and I managed to secure a copy for £40 with free postage-a result I thought.

Aaaand-that was last wed and the geezer says he sent it that night by recorded delivery. So when I get nothing by friday I decide to message him and check, to see if I can get the tracking number. Guess what? That's right he's disappeared! Closed down is little shop and left Ebay with my cash(which I'm trying to get back (again) through Paypal!

So, yeah, I'd love to say I was finding the game hard, impossible, easy- whatever-but sadly I'm starting to think I'm just destined never to play the damn game! To make it even worse my useless mate has had a copy for ages and won't lend me it until he's finished it-which after six months doesn't look like it's likely to ever happen.

Oh well-when I get my cash back I'm giving it one last go. From a reputable importer and no matter if they charge me a bit extra. However, it wouldn't surprise me now if the plabe it's on blows up, gets hijacked or even loughs into the side of my fekkin house.

Bloody Demon's souls and all you gits going on about it! I'm starting to wish they never bloody made it.

monkey nuts3269d ago

Does anyone know of a reliable US retailer that would ship this game to the UK? Also for those who are from the UK and already own the game: Are the online elements of the game effected in anyway or does play as it normally would, like invading other players worlds and so on. Any help would be appreciated, I gota get this game!

frostypants3269d ago

@2.3:"These guys really screwed up my game with that Halloween crap!"

Don't you GET IT yet? Demon's Souls doesn't CARE about your feelings! LOL

I treated that Halloween stunt like everything else about the game, i.e. it's a merciless bastard. I thought what Atlus did was well within the spirit of the game.

dbf3269d ago

You get the friend ring by having pure white character tendency, which is actually easier to get with pure black world tendency because you can kill the black phantoms and get a nice boost.

Manac0R3268d ago

I got my copy from .... took about 5 days during the postal strike. I think they still have a few copies left. So be quick.....

See you in 5 - 3 :)

Ravage273268d ago are one unlucky dude o.0 hope you get your copy soon.

Well, they say everything is difficult in Demon's Souls, so i guess that includes buying it too lol :p

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Delta3269d ago

This guys Article is boring. And his taste in games is boring.

Bodyboarder_VGamer3269d ago

In other words, you're saying that Demon's Souls sucks then? Because the guy clearly states in the article that he loves the game...

lordgodalming3269d ago

Dude, did you read it? This might be the best article I've seen about Demon's Souls--it's certainly the best-written. The guy absolutely loves Demon's Souls and the article is like an ode to his love. It borders on corny, but it's still very well done.

DaTruth3269d ago

I think his plan was to lure in the 360 fanboys with the premise that the game is boring and sucks; Then make them cry over what they are missing!

Manac0R3269d ago (Edited 3269d ago )

Bubble for you mate. Seen a few of your posts and know your a proud reaper :)

The article lacked soul :) the irony.... just glad it gave me an excuse to make my second post in 2 years :)

"I am here for thee alone." (Yeah right what about that blue phantom i just saw you with hoe!!!!)

EDIT: I may have given the wrong impression, the article itself made me laugh out cus I can relate. It's just the negative title for flame bait and my guilty conscious over how i havent done any work cus of demon 'crack' :) ... my bad.

kapedkrusader3269d ago

...because I thoroughly enjoyed the read. I've never played Demon's Souls, mainly because reviewers keep mentioning how hard it is. But the writer of this article takes a different approach in describing the game. A refreshing view of how the game is not so much "difficult", but that you have to take your time and reach a level of concentration that is lacking in other games.

spinbot_lv13269d ago (Edited 3269d ago )

Edge's reviewers are usually to play racing games and frenetic mindless shoot'em up.their taste in games are very strange and boring.hardcore games are a nightmare for them.this speak very well their awful reviews and boring scores.however this time it's very strange to read a positive article from them about an hardcore game like demon souls and a ps3 exclusive.