Famitsu sales (10/26 - 11/1)

Famitsu has published their estimates of the latest software sales figures from Japan, which includes the launch of Bayonetta.

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Valay3268d ago

Well, that's a strong start for Bayonetta. Sad to see Sin and Punishment 2 not in the top 10.

sinncross3268d ago

That is fir sure, but don't forget the good Tekken 6 and Persona 3 sales.

Definitely pluses for both the PS3 and PSP this week.

Valay3268d ago

Yeah, they did quite good as well.

Oh, and this is like one of the first weeks that HeartGold/SoulSiler aren't at number one. It's still selling strong, though.

gaffyh3268d ago

Wow Bayonetta and Tekken beat a DS Final Fantasy game, considering that Japanese love DS and Final Fantasy, that's a major credit to both games.

magicfrog3268d ago

10. [WII] Super Robot Taisen Neo (Bandai Namco Games) – 32,000
Japanese don't like 3D SWR now proof...
no metter on which console
if my memory serves me right...
this is the 2nd worst selling number for Super robot war series history
the worst selling number for SRW series is the SWR XO on 360 back to 2006
BANPRESTO should reconsider stop to do the 3D base SWR..

xryls3268d ago

December will be Huge for sony in japan FFxiii

Gago3268d ago

it will obviously sell sh!t loads on 360 in the US when it releases