Gamasutra Interview: Floex And The Music Of Machinarium

Gamasutra catches up with Czech musician Tomas Dvorak, composer of the soundtrack for Amanita Design's IGF-winning adventure Machinarium, for an interview on the music of the game.

Czech musician Tomas Dvorak, who also goes by Floex, is the composer of Amanita Design's new game, Machinarium. Previously he composed for Samorost 2 and used audio from the game in the creation of an award-winning original soundtrack album.

Machinarium is an adventure story surrounding a world of robots. The environments are dusty, organic, analog. The music too mirrors the duality of the art design, composed of elements both acoustic and synthetic, like an upright piano playing as a voice synthesizer belts out the melody of an old fashioned operetta.

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