PlayStation 3: 20 UPnP clients that may stream video and audio

After spending entirely too much time trying to find a suitable solution to stream all of their bits and bytes into their newly upgraded PlayStation 3s, Joystiq finally came to a grim realization: there is no perfect solution. That doesn't mean there's a paucity of options, however. As it turns out, there's no shortage of UPnP clients that satisfy, in some capacity, the DLNA standard the PlayStation 3 requires.

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Arkham4748d ago (Edited 4748d ago )

After struggling to connect through 2 interconnected routers, I finally got it working with WMP11.

The trouble was that my Netgear hardline router is my main/first-line router, and the PS3 is wired to that. My wireless Pre-N router is plugged into the netgear, and that was where my laptop was connecting. I couldn't activate UPnP easily on my Netgear, so I just plugged the PS3 into the wireless router.

The streaming is *perfect*. Granted my laptop's wireless is a 108Mbps connection to the router, but still, music and videos streamed seamlessley and with terrific quality.

This has so much potential.

WMP11 wasn't the pain I was expecting it to be -- quite the opposite actually, since the only problems I ran into was accessing UPnP on my router(s).

TVersity and Nero seem to be the best alternatives that I've seen so far, so I'm looking forward to seeing how the situation develops over the next few weeks as this functionality becomes more popular.

Thanks for posting this article. It's a great reference for people who are just starting to explore DLNA streaming.

One correction though: The list specifies Window Media Connect, which is no longer available separately. It has since been included within Windows Media Player 11. So, if you're up-to-date with your Media Player, you're all set.

Good luck, everyone.

nstott4748d ago

You need to plug your netgear router into the lan ports on your pre-n router. That way your pre-n router acts more like a hub than a separate router and it won't use a firewall. You may also need to disable NAT on your pre-n router.

MikeMichaels4748d ago

Nero Media Home.

While WMP11 was simple to set up, you need to have all of your media in the correct format (MP4 etc) for the PS3 to read it.

Nero converts all of your media into a compatable format on the fly and it's quite fast to boot.

Arkham4748d ago

Thanks for the advice, nstott! I think it's going to stay this way for the time being, b/c the Netgear is the first router after the modem, and I think the wireless router is better behind that firewall. (The way I originally got the two to operate together was--according to Belkin support--to plug the Netgear into the WAN port on the Belkin w/l router to daisy-chain it.)

I didn't try anything with the NAT configuration, but I'll look at that when I really dig into this thing.

Much appreciated!

Snake_Doctor4748d ago (Edited 4748d ago )

It worked ok through the browser but I was getting green bars when I downloaded or used the XMB media server function. I just checked the website and they have issued a patch for the program that is supposed to fix my problem and some other things. Anyone who had trouble previously may want to check this out since it is free.

Edit: and the best thing about it is you do not have to convert your files. AVIs play via transcoding, though it takes a min or two to start playing.

rowdy 14748d ago

What do I have to do to my ps3 to get this streaming video?

Snake_Doctor4748d ago

are you having a problem or just want a quick rundown?. Check, they have pretty good instructions for setting up the media server I use. The other choices are listed from the link on the 20 options. The quickest way is probably to download Windows Media Player 11 and follow these instructions from forums -

For Windows Media Player 11:

1. Download and install Windows Media Player 11 (as I'm sure many of you already have).
2. Click on the Library tab
3. On the left you'll see a tree structure. Right click on Library in the tree structure.
4. Click Media Sharing
5. Enable your options, what folders, devices, etc. Further explanation
6. When your PS3 turns on and scans, Windows will pop up and ask if it's ok to allow the device. Allow it.

XxZxX4748d ago

Guys try TVersity with PS3 patch, it's free and you can transcode XVID,WMV, OGM,DIVX to PS3. pretty sweet.

SmokeyMcBear4748d ago

i got it to work with my laptop using wmp 11. It was actually very very very easy, just did the steps as shown above, and under the video tab in the xmb, it showed the the connection to the windows media player on my laptop. Although I understand that it can be useful, I don't really want to stream things from my pc. I have an external hard drive that i used to get all that stuff off my pc and connected directly to my ps3, its just a lot easier, and gets my pc running for whats its for, internet browsing and work related. The best part of this set up is, you don't need vista or a media center pc, all you need is to update to windows media player 11 or one of the other programs to run it, so easy.

Maddens Raiders4748d ago (Edited 4748d ago )

the first 5 or six hours after the update trying to get the PS3 to recognize my Vaio that was running wirelessly through the shared network router without my firewalls turned off - which is a huge_hassle recognition -wise if you're streaming from one computer or another in your house on the same network.

So far I've gotten pretty much everything to sling through with WMP11 -- with a little help from GaMr we got it going great, but there definitely is a problem with xvids and divx movies all of which showcase some of the best porn around (on my pc)..... "now if sony would add xvid/divx support OMG that would rock." -- exactly :P lol

A friend of mine told me about the orb and twonkymedia setups and I think I'll look into those; however I heard Twonky is very selective about which media it will stream as well so I dunno. Maybe the TVersity is what I'll go with since I've heard many good things about it when it comes to playing mostly all of your media without interruptions or need for extra codecs. I still need an external to do this right, and I get tired of seeing, "there are no titles" so the sooner the better! Otherwise the streaming is totally awesome and works flawlessly between the vaio so far.

That PS3 is one hell of a client.

2 bubbles? LOL I love n4g / no pain no gain.... =]


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