Gamasutra Interview: The Melancholy Of Keita Takahashi

Keita Takahashi sits alone, six thousand miles from home, in a damp, vacant house set within the grounds of an autumn forest somewhere in the middle of England. He wears a puffer jacket, huddled next to an electric fire for warmth.

With slow, meticulous movements he wraps a length of string around the short, rounded sword he's fashioned from a bent coat hanger. Aside from an intermittent cough, the house is otherwise empty of all noise.

Pastel sketches are spread out on the table around him, pastoral scenes, all browns, yellows and familiar yet unidentifiable rustic blurs. Clutches of green sticky notes punctuate a white board above. On each square of paper a single word is written in all-caps English. Some are verbs: "VIEW", "RUN", "LIE", ROLL". Others are nouns: "HOLE", "TUBE", "GRASS", "SLOPE", like a checklist for creation written into existence by a monosyllabic god.

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djfullshred4181d ago

Good article. It is always interesting to me to hear artists talk about what moves them, and what frustrates them about commercialism. As a musician, I have a similar feeling about wanting to do your own thing, and being absolutely bored with the mainstream that I really don't have a clue on why so many people like.

I bought Noby Noby Boy without knowinng anything about the maker of the game, and I always wondered how a wierd little game like that comes about. Hopefully this guy sticks around making more strange little games, but it seems like his concerns about the viability in being able to do that in an ever more global, corporate business are valid.