God of War Series Resurrected in Under 3 Months

PlayStation LifeStyle writes:

"Backward compatibility has been an issue that both Sony and the PlayStation 3 have faced since the console's inception. However, when the God of War Collection was announced for the PlayStation 3, many saw it as the emergence of a solution to the problem. What may surprise some is the low cost of such a solution."

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Jsynn73268d ago

Awesome. I can't wait to pick this up. I already have the original GoW 1+2 but I guess I'm trophy whoring. If it doesn't take that long to remaster PS2 games then I could already see other companies remastering their classics. I'd like to see Shenmue remastered (I'd also like Sega to finish the story already with a final game but I guess I'm asking for the moon and stars).

Lifewish3268d ago

agreed this will be a blast to play

GrandTheftZamboni3268d ago

That's something we probably wouldn't see if every PS3 had backward compatibility: remastered games with trophies. Instead, we would play PS2 games as they were on PS2. Plus, some gems that were missed will have another chance. I would definitely buy remastered Shadow of the Colossus again.

Andronix3268d ago

Metal Gear Solid 1-3 are fantastic games but inevitably, as with all videogames, the graphics age quicker than the gameplay. A nice fresh coat of paint, added trophy support, and these great stealth games are accessible to a new generation as well as old-timers who want to visit some of the best games of the last generations!

Would absolutely love an Ico & Shadow of the Collossus collection too. I hope this is a trend that grows.

gaffyh3268d ago (Edited 3268d ago )

15 weeks = almost 4 months...

Lol someone disagreed, I'm not saying that this isn't an impressive feat, but 4 weeks in a month multiplied by 3 = 12 weeks.

ThatArtGuy3268d ago

I'm sure a month of that time was simply playtesting.

Chubear3268d ago

So my hope of Killzone1 remastered with refined controls, 1080p & trophies on the same disc as Killzone3 for it's collectors edition comes back... ALIVE! lol

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T3mpr1x3268d ago

Come on remastered ICO and SoTC!!!

badz1493267d ago

I've never played GoW 1&2 and also ICO & SotC! I would love to play those on my PS3 with trophies!! Do it Sony, PLEASE!

fishd3268d ago

Imagine ICO + SOTC remastered + TLG demo on a single Blu-Ray disk


batman2million3268d ago

i would cry!!!!!!!
I love ICO. I really feel like it didn't get the attention it deserved!

pippoppow3268d ago

Prefered Ico over SotC. Both great but the relationship aspect in Ico win it for me. TLG will be another great title from Team Ico for sure. 3s idea would be nice.

sajj3163268d ago

Now .. if that isn't a calling to have more games remastered (HD w/ trophy support), I don't know what is. Would be cool if they were offered as PSN downloads as well.

lh_swe3268d ago

Brutal Legend wasn't up my alley so I'd like me some Grim Fandango or Psychonauts to erase this memory, it was like when I saw the last Indiana Jones or the last two bonds, it's never going to be the same ever again...

nycredude3268d ago

I would love a remastered HD version of Full Throttle!

lh_swe3268d ago (Edited 3268d ago )

but it would have to be redone in 3d tho, maybe cell shaded would work.

nycredude3268d ago

Yeah cell shaded borderland style! I love that game!

lh_swe3268d ago

I'll call Shafer up right now :)

pippoppow3268d ago

Full throttle is a classic and recommend gamers to try it. It's not as slow paced as other graphic adventure point and click games. Great game.

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