Fable III to also be released in Episodes

In an interview with Tech Radar, Peter Molyneux appeared to confirm that Fable III, like it's predecessor would be released in episodes with the first one being free. Whilst Fable II Episodic dodged the question coming about only after the disc release, the knowledge that this is already the plan for Fable III begs the question; will the first or indeed all of the Fable III episode(s) be available day and date with the retail release and what does this say about Microsoft's transition to digital distribution?

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Julie3272d ago (Edited 3272d ago )

No please! pretty please, if this is true i will lose faith in Fable III, i want to play it... i like Fable but i don't like DLC :(

Why can't you release the game as a whole...

"Will the Fable III episodes be released simultaneously with the physical retail version?"

I hope they come with the game ... i hope

3272d ago