Harrison: Nintendo to Rule Next Gen Life Cycle

George Harrison has forecast that the life cycle of next generation consoles will be longer than the traditional five years, and he believes Nintendo could end up with a 50% hardware market share.

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peksi4757d ago

I do not consider Wii to compete the same markets than X360 / PS3. It's cheaper and smaller in every way, somewhere between nextgen consoles and handhelds. And the games.. so far I've seen donkey kongs, marios and other kiddy games - fun for the whole happy family only excluding parents. In other words very little of interest.

spacetoilet4757d ago

I agree. I'm playing Warhawk right now and the graphics and sound I'm experiencing here is just impossible on the Wii. Yes it's cheap. Yes (some) games will be fun, but overall, It's just not that good.
I'll get one in 4 years when its 89 cents. Just for $h!ts and giggles.

r10004757d ago

Yea I agree... I moved from an apartment to a house about a month ago... all my consoles are connected, except that one... it's still in the box

PS360WII4757d ago

Every Nintendo artical that comes out you boys need to come out and shout how Wii is not next gen and it's kiddy. Usually I just laugh at you guys because you are very much in the minority on that brainwave. Sure kids like the Wii but actually more adults (probably even older than you kids) enjoy the Wii and want nothing but to play another round Tiger Woods for it or the pack in Wii Sports.

That's all I'm saying. You can spam as much hate as you want because you voice on the matter is really minute. I'm no dreamer though obviously it's still the first year and a lot can change. I'm pretty sure that the entire world isn't going to suddenly one day say 'hey this things a gimick!!' like you're all hoping will happen. What happened was people looked at the blue-ray and people looked at xbl and they all said 'hey this things a gimick!' now put that in your pipe and smoke it.

Honeal2g4757d ago (Edited 4757d ago )

are you stupid?....the wii is just a trend like "tickle me elmo" or "Tomigachi" wont last past 2007

@ps360wii again....

i dont know why anyone would consider the Ds a gimmick thats beyond me but as for numbers umm how could the wii be second ?? it doesnt make sense isnt the 360 the lead console? when did wii get the Market
Share ? and dont come with that 360 had a year Bull$hit cause ps2 did that last time around ..but honestly i am not sayin wii isnt a good system just sayin there is no way in hell its gonna lead the next gen market especially since its Not Next gen.

PS360WII4757d ago (Edited 4757d ago )

I did just wake up ^^

but really I know I make fun of ayalists every time there is an artical about them spouting off some crazy idea, but in reality numbers don't really lie and I'm pretty sure every major territory it goes 1. Nintendo DS 2. Nintendo Wii.. then it gets different results after that..
Remeber everyone said DS was a gimick... 2 years later 40 million+ sold can't call it a gimick fad anymore. Will it happen with the Wii? We will have to WAIT and see.

Oh and as far as the price. Check back to the comment threads when Nintendo released its price of 250 for the Wii and see how many of you said that's way to much for it. Price point indeed.

edit: sorry honeal2g. the part about 1. DS and 2. Wii I was talking about monthly sales from when it came out. 360 still have the win on total market share as of now

cartman3134757d ago

The Wii will not hold people back from buying a 360 or PS3. A lot of people will get the Wii and one of the other. Which means, I doubt sony or MS really give a $hit about what Nintendo does with their Gamecube that has motion.

It's NOT next gen, Nintendo really needs to STFU. I think a lot of people will be disappointed within a year or two. When they thought they bought a next gen console and find out it's really not.

Shadow Flare4757d ago (Edited 4757d ago )

Gee Nintendo, i thought you said before that you were'nt competing with ps3 or 360?. And i agree with what peksi said, Wii isn't a real competitor. It's not even a fair competitor. Its considerably cheaper so of course its gonna sell more consoles. This generation should be defined by consoles that pushed for progress. Those that don't should get left behind in the last generation. So i think the wii should compete against the likes of ps2, xbox, gamecube, psp and ds

The wii is not next-gen so it shouldn't compete with next-gen consoles


marison, yeah ok the wii has made progress but its in a different league to ps3 and 360. HD is generally considered to be what is next-gen. A gamecube with a motion sensor is progress but not next-gen. It's too cheap and besides a motion controller has nothing else. It doesn't even have proper online gaming yet. It's a last-gen product with a fancy controller so it should compete with last-gen products for market share

marison4757d ago

After Wii, we will have "complete" motion sensing in all future consoles. This will be inevitable.

Maybe we will have good graphics too, but Wii really promote the progress of gaming in a way that will be good for us.

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The story is too old to be commented.