Why are people still buying HD DVD?

Sony Protection Group have been struggling to understand why people are still buying HD DVD.

"The whole idea of choosing the HD DVD format over Blu-ray makes absolutely no sense to them. When has it been the smart thing to buy a product that has weaker technology and two, has less support behind it? It's never been the smart thing. So what's motivating these consumers to buy HD DVD?"

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SuperSaiyan44788d ago

Also I prefer the HD-DVD format its a better name than 'blu-ray' *rolls eyes*. I have a 360 HD-DVD add-on and a PS3 with blu-ray but the thing is both formats seem to have their 'exclusive' movies...But overall I am in the HD-DVD camp sorry. Never been a supporter of Sony formats since they all fail.

VaeVictus4788d ago

blu ray not a Sony proprietary format. It's Sony supported.

Vavoom4788d ago

SuperSaiyan4 posted his opinion on blu-ray vs HD-DVD, besides saying that the name "Blu-Ray" is stupid (Which I agree with) he said nothing else to be agreed or disagreed with. Yet people clicked agree/disagree. Is the agree/disagree button now used as a popularity prop or are people saying "I disagree with what you say you think."

Anyway, as for why people are choosing HD or Blu, couldn't the same argument be made as to why people are buying the PS3 over the 360? Hear is the answer to both questions, because people has to right to choose what they want to chooses. One of the benefits of living in a free country. Also, what kinda sh!t is it to have movie exclusives, both camps are morons and are shooting themselves in the foot. People are gonna buy what they want to buy, as a movie house or software developer, it makes NO business sense to do exclusives for anyone. Why make someone else a bunch of money with exclusives, and take money out of your own pocket. Then when your company get weakened, you find yourself being taken over or bought out by M$ and Sony.

Okay, I'm off my soap box now. You now have permission to continue flaming.

o0o ROZZA o0o4788d ago

I have to say that people who write articles like this scare me a little. Its a like a religeous rant with "ignorance" this and "ignorance" that. As far as I can see the only ignorant person is the writer of the article.

And as far as the website goes "The Sony Protection Group". Well what can I say, Im a little dumbfounded to be honest. I just seem to have a picture in my mind of balaclava clad fanoys sneaking about blowing up shops that sell xbox's as it is against their PS3's rights like some PETA copycat group. Honestly, some people really need to get a grip on themselves!

Babylonian4788d ago (Edited 4787d ago )

Like "Team Xbox", whose articles aren't questioned even if their kinda biased.

What happended to all the people here who said that they don't judge a book by their covers.

The article is quit interesting, although I would have used other wording it's still interesting. Because when you think of it HD-DVD is slowly dying out, everytime Blu-ray sells more even if the difference is not that big. And that makes you think, why are some people buying HD-DVD when they are seeing it's support is lesser and it is selling less than Blu-ray. Maybe they aren't seeing the big picture or maybe they still have hope for the format, who knows.

I say this article is valid.

Exactly uberwleiss, many people forget what Sony brought to the market. Espacially te floppy disk format was a big and needed thing for comuters in that time. But hey this is hat you get when you talk logic, you get a whole bunch of disagrees and they even took my bubbles.

Thank you guys for being so mature (sarcasm not ment for you uberwleiss)

4788d ago
Silver3604788d ago

The man is crazy why the heck should consumers care if some studio publishes on both formats. Competition is good for us. Lowers the prices faster. That's what matters quality for less money. The guy that wrote this article needs to take off those Sony glasses and look at real people.

USMChardcharger4787d ago

you do see what you typed right? TEAM xbox...of course it is going to be baised toward xbox...hence the name...TEAM xbox.
i would be a little worried if it wasn't.

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P4KY B4788d ago

Why are people still buying PS3's when its a done deal that the Wii and 360 will dominate this Generation?

Its called choice!

The world would be boring if we were all the same.

achira4788d ago

done deal, are you sure ? ps3 will come on top, and you know that. the crappy xbox360 will die. the only region in which it is succesfull, is usa, but we know why, because the most ppl there are not very intelligent, and like to buy 3 times crap for 400 $ which breaks continuesly and complain about 600$. blu ray wins, ps3 wins, only a matter of time.

InMyOpinion4788d ago

Why should anyone listen to you when you're obviously not intelligent enough to spell check your posts? Either way you want to twist it, the fact remains that the Ps3 has no interesting games out. There's nothing to play on it i.e Displaystation.

The headline should read "Why are users still posting articles from sources like"

FeralPhoenix4788d ago

"the only region in which it is succesfull, is usa, but we know why, because the most ppl there are not very intelligent"

-lmfao, so please explain why Americans bought more PS2's than any other country? Now because many Americans have chose not to buy a PS3 "yet" for various personal reasons, all of a sudden this makes us "not very intelligent". ha,ha Bro your hopeless, your comments indicate that you are completely brainwashed. -I bet you didn't even make up those rediculous comments probably saw a rant on some extreme PS3 fanboy forum site, thus its your job to repeat it.

Now as for this news, I don't understand how its news....I haven't supported either format, but why are HD DVD supporters ignorant for not supporting Blu-ray? -lol, do they even understand why that logic is so "flawed". Can you imagine if everyone thought that way? -"Sony Protection Group", "protection" from who exactly? Sounds like a place for a bunch of crybabies to go to get "group hugs" -awww teh poor babies, too many xbots pickin' on Mommy's lil superstar -lmfao, This site is garbage.

P4KY B4788d ago

Hey PS3 fanboys.

News just in.
The emperor has no clothes on!

4788d ago
P4KY B4788d ago (Edited 4788d ago )

No. I'm Scottish.

And i will buy a PS3 once there are some games i want to play.(GT & MGS) I've owned PS1 and PS2.
But i'm old enough to remember a time before Playstation so i have no allegiance with any one manufacturer. I go with the games. And right now thats MS.

2600-Nes-Genesis(MegaDrive)-A miga-SNES-PS1-N64-PS2-Xbox-360- ?

BIadestarX4788d ago

WOW, P4KY B great comments. What you said is logical. It's obvious that blu-ray is selling more movies than HD DVD... but it's also true that the PS3 is in last place and it's selling less consoles than the 360 or the wii... The point you made that if the HD DVD should quit because blu-ray is selling more.. then the PS3 should quit because it's selling poorly. Too bad... fanboys would hate you for it... but I don't see a better way to say it. Good job.

closedxxx4787d ago

Well... I'm sure he expected these reactions. It's pretty funny how the SONY loyalists were quick to rally... Very predictable, and funny

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sjappie4788d ago

before you know it, they'll be running through the mall, strapped with explosives, screaming sony "akhbar". "Sony Protection Group" omg that's so sad.

4788d ago
cajuncandb4788d ago

You can hope and pray all you want but Sony isn't dominating even in its home country. Oh well Sony enjoy retirement. Samsung is kicking your but in projection TV market so the only thin you got now is LCD (for some time). Sony Fanboys sooner or late you will give in. I loed Socom and the PS2 for as long as i could then i saw what microsoft offered in online support period and was sold. I am giving this generation to Microsoft. Cudos! Second Place to Nintendo (nice try with the Wii it was a fun too to play with)