Ubisoft confident of new Splinter Cell direction

Splinter Cell producer Mathieu Ferland believes that Ubisoft's decision to reinvent the famed stealth series - ditching much of its light-and-shadow gameplay - will ultimately be vindicated by player reaction, despite the obvious risk.

"We've been working very closely with the fans from the beginning," Ferland told "Their first reaction was, 'What's going on? Where's Sam?' And then they discovered these new possibilities, this new mechanic and they said, 'That looks awesome. I want to play it.'"

However, the producer admitted that Ubisoft could return to past values if things go wrong with Conviction, the fifth game in the series.

"It's not a one-way direction," he confirmed. "You can always go back and do different things, having Sam in a new position, or a different character to explore light-and-shadow gameplay."

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Freshy_D4161d ago

I'm looking forward to this, it's good to see that they're taking it to another level rather than just playing it safe.
The demo video I saw the other week reminded me of a tech demo for Assassins Creed where you blend into the crowd.

Xbot_Killer4161d ago

be truthful and admit that double agent was a BOMB, no one liked it.
My local gamestop told that even the 360 fanboys returned this game in droves. You retards put one of your flagship titles in the hands of UBIjoke shanghai and they totally ruined it. nice going you dummies.

AngryHippo4161d ago (Edited 4161d ago )

i dont know what game you were playing, thats even if you have actually played double agent, its a really good game, gameplay is typical splinter cell which is a good thing and the graphics look very nice (on the 360 version). The ps3 port didnt go as good but still a decent game. Back on topic this new direction of splinter cell looks to go a good step in the right direction on improving the franchise.

Xbot_Killer4161d ago

and played it for less than 2 days, I tried to take it back but they would only give me $9 for it. When I asked why they gave me the reason I stated above. the gameplay was crap, the concept was worse and now they are lost trying to find a new direction to a franchise they killed off.

closedxxx4161d ago (Edited 4161d ago )

A game that scored as well as SCDA is certainly no franchise killer.
IGN- 9.0
Gamespot 8.5
Gamerankings- 85%
If this was a SONY exclusive, the PS3 loyalists would be heralding it as the greatest splinter cell game ever created, but it's not, so we hear the negative spin.
Double agent was a good game, although a lot of people didn't like it because you couldn''t get your desired outcome witout using your brain. And by what I read on here, brainpower isn't a strong suit for many of the people that like to b*tch and complain.

TheMART4161d ago

Ofcourse you have a 360 when your name is Xbot_Killer

Sure, sure. Bet you even not own a PS3 but only play it in your wet dreams. Go play your 8-bit Nintendo now!

The Snake4160d ago (Edited 4160d ago )

Double Agent is a sweet game. Not as good as Chaos Theory, but then again Chaos Theory was one of the best games on the Xbox. That said, Conviction looks like it may be as good as or better than Chaos Theory.

AcidRhain4160d ago (Edited 4160d ago )

Not even the funny kinda JOKE. You're a sad pathetic liar. Well actually, you might be a funny joke after all... it's fun laughing at the sad and the pitiful PS3 fanboy dogging Ubi cuz they cutoff your precious PS3 from it's tit. CUTT OFF. Booya! No franchise fo' YOU! lol.

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PS360WII4161d ago

I'll be looking more in depth to this one. It's alway nice to change the formula every so often. Can't get a main franchise stagnate at all.

THAMMER14161d ago

I just keep think BORNE Identity. That is one of my favorite movies an S.C. is a great series.

BIadestarX4161d ago

@Xbot_Killer, can I ask you something? Seriously? " I have it for 360" are you a lier or a morron? Pretty much every post you have is to say something bad about a 360 game or the 360 itself. Your name obviously shows you don't like xbox fans let alone the xbox brand. You are a Sony lemming. Now, why would you own a 360 and then come here and hate? What with Lemmings now in days? When is not that they keep saying "I am on my 5th xbox 360" or "I have that game for the 360 and it sucks...", "My 360 sucks and I like my PS3 better." dude... if you own a 360 and you dislike it that much... you an idiot for paying for something you don't like. I think no matter what it says a lot about you. a lier or a morron. pick one.

sajj3164160d ago

One could hate his/her job and still keep it because he/she needs to pay the mortgage somehow.

His name is Xbot_Killer not Xbox_Killer. Big difference. Frankly I can't stand 'Xbots' or 'SonyFanboys' or whatever you call em these days.

Have we (this site) actually gotten to a point where we argue over a true 'Xbot' or 'Fanboy'?

I believe the franchise is 'slowly dieing' for one reason. You have an SC game almost every year. I don't care who the developer is. Producing a title a year is difficult not only technically but also when it comes to delivering fresh ideas. Take your time on the titles like Konami does with the Metal Gear series. The SC games will sell but when your competing against the MG series, you better make sure its solid (no pun intended).

AcidRhain4160d ago (Edited 4160d ago )

He learned to lie from Sony marketing. cuz he's brainwashed. AND once you own a system you don't hate it like he does. It's an investment and you back up your investments.

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