That Gaming Site: Red Steel 2 Preview

That Gaming Site writes: "Red Steel carries a lot of stigma. The pre-launch hype penned the Wii launch title as something it wasn't and in hindsight, had no chance of living up to. Once it had been given the once over from reviewers and gamers alike, the scars were already too deep for some. Red Steel was a commercial success because of its launch title status but failed to deliver on the promise of ambitious gameplay which appeared impossible with the limitations of a standard Wii remote."

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Ve3tro3459d ago

This is the only game which would entice me to buy a Wii.

Yast3r3459d ago

I'd wait until it comes out, the first one got hype as well and sucked.

Regardless, buying a system for 1 game is a terrible mistake, lol.

raiden_933459d ago

It's a shame that it won't be making the Wii holiday release it was originally going to. The Wii probably could have used that seeing as I doubt New Super Mario Bros will keep the hardcore as happy as Nintendo seem to think it will.

ChickeyCantor3459d ago

Not sure how it will keep the hardcore happy... every time a "hardcore" game is announced, "hardcore" gamers talk as if they will buy the game and then won't when its released.

Nintendo doesn't need to satisfy "hardcore" gamers, they are a whiny bunch anyway and are never happy( and you know this is true xD ). I'm just wondering what people will benefit from missing out on some games that are actually...good.

EvilTwin3459d ago

I'm hopeful for a AAA-level title, but I'm wary of Ubi screwing this up.

That said...if they nail this game, that means they will have nailed the controls and cel-shaded style. If that's the case, they do have XIII just laying around waiting for a sequel...

Elven63459d ago

I think I'll wait for the reviews, I've been down the hype train before and it didn't end well...

3459d ago