Wii Play Tanks x The Ladies Man = Wii title

NintendoDpad writes:
"Tanks in Wii Play was so addictive it made the game good. Now, combine that with the Ladies Man, and you come up with a Wii title you can't help but be interested in.

Frobot is an upcoming WiiWare game from Fugazo where you play as Frobot, the baddest bot in the galaxy. Your ladybots have been kidnapped and you must kick enemy tailpipe in different settings throughout the galaxy to rescue them. Sounds crazy, doesn't it? Especially when some of the weapons include the Jive Stalker and Stud Missile. Well we were intrigued, so we caught up with the game designer Eric Esteb to talk more about this groovy title."

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ndpad3272d ago

Tanks was the only good thing in Wii Play, hope this delivers.

Smacktard3272d ago

I agree that Tanks was the best part of Wii Play. In fact, it was actually fairly awesome. But I'm gonna ignore this game.