Clip of FASA's canned Shadowrun emerges, was singeplayer reboot

The cancelled singleplayer project 'Shadowrun: The Awakening' from ex-developer FASA has had some footage leak onto the Internet.

This reboot was ditched in favour of the multiplayer-only release in '07. FASA Studios was developing The Awakening for Xbox 360 and PC.

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McRad3274d ago

What the hell told them to bring the one out that they did instead of a fps/rpg hybrid? I'm a sad panda.

Godmars2903274d ago

MS of course. Probably felt being a Deus Ex with magic wouldn't have been strong enough title. That since multiplayer was the "it" thing at the time it would have been better as that.

Shows what PR guys know...

edgeofblade3274d ago

If you got over your preconceptions of what a Shadowrun game was supposed to look like, the game that actually came out was impeccably balanced and tons of fun. It mixed together some of the finest traditions of FPS, and did so in a balanced way.

The fans destroyed this game for no good reason.

Raz3274d ago

I really enjoyed the original Shadowrun on Sega Genesis and it BURNS that we've lost any possibility of a next-gen remake.

Grrr. I wonder what the cyberspace screens were like?

Godmars2903274d ago

You mean because it didn't meet with their expectations? Didn't come close except in the shallowest contexts?

What were they suppose to do, buy it regardless of the fact they didn't like it in the hope the next one wouldn't be more of the same?

Guitarded3274d ago (Edited 3274d ago )

ShadowRun is still one of the most fun and balanced games on 360. If they would have just ditched the license and named it anything else it might have done better.

edgeofblade3274d ago

The answer to your question is yes.

Honestly, my only knock on the way this game was handled was how it appeared to be marketed to RPG players when it should have been marketed to shooter players. The property was all wrong, but the game design was positively wonderful.

Elven63274d ago

They were working on two Shadowrun games, one being this and the other being the one we have now. Microsoft "impacted" the development of both and unfortunately one of them was canceled and the other was released with doom written all over it. :(

Godmars2903274d ago

And in that case, unless more effort were put into it, they would have had a multiplayer-only FPS that featured limited magic or special abilities, relatively small maps and few play types. With no real name to sell it.

That Shadowrun main problem was that no real work had been put into it. Probably should have been a download title instead of the full - disc based title that it was.

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bigrudowsky3274d ago

they probably canned it cause it looked better than halo 3.. Those graphics are kinda sweet

Godmars2903274d ago

Looks decent enough if underwhelming. Would have benefited from more of a Blade Runner look.

Cajun Chicken3274d ago

FASA was a bloody good studio, Crimson Skies: HRTR was amazing, stupid Microsoft. Heres hoping Dark Void is amazing as it looks, long live Airtight Games!

Elven63274d ago

I think the Airtight Team left before this, regardless, RIP FASA!

BlackIceJoe3274d ago

It sucks that this new Shadowrun single player game could not have came out. I think had MS allowed both Shadowrun versions to come out on the same game would have been cool. This way if people wanted to play
multi-player they could and if they wanted a story mode they would have had it. I so hope in the future MS will make a new Shadowrun RPG game.

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