3D Dot Game Heroes: Cloud, amongst others

SCRAWL: "Snake was cool enough, but with 3D Dot Game Heroes releasing today in Japan, we're bound to see so much more pop up. It starts now. Over at Hatimaki, you can see 8-bit 3D recreations of Cloud Strife from Final Fantasy VII, Evangelion, Patty Fleur from Tales of Vesperia and even a Gundam robot."

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imnotgoodtenglish3269d ago

watch this livestream to get pumped for this awsome game!

The gaming GOD3269d ago

And yeah, you're getting bubbled for this one lol

But ok, back to the game. This game looks like it can easily grow on you. I'm just glad people aren't treating it the way they did demon soul's at first. I remember CLEARLY when everyone was saying Demon Soul's would be a crappy game. Now all those people are eating their words. Now they've smartened up and are willing to give 3D Dot Heroes a chance before running off at the mouth a second time around

callahan093269d ago

November 5 in the Japan! What are they, about 8 hours ahead of GMT? If so, then that means it becomes the 5th in about 4 hours over there. Does Japan do midnight launches? If not, then say ... I dunno, 9 am people will be getting into the stores and buying this game, so that's about 13 hours from now. I wish I was in Japan, because this is one of my most-wanted games, for sure.