20 per cent jump in Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection use

Up to this point, the big games on Nintendo's global online Wi-Fi Connection service have been for DS. Slowly though, online games released for the Wii console are beginning to make their presence felt.

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PS360WII4576d ago

Maybe.... just maybe this will serve as a clue that people might actually want online... Nintendo can you see that kinda?... maybe...

M_Prime4576d ago

its Nintendo Stats.. i think they can see.. and i think they are in a way BRAGGING that they almost hit a million without the US on a WII.. and showing that people want to play WII games online to the other consoles that have established online play

marcellizot4576d ago

Seeing as this info was gleaned from the resourcefulness of a journalist with the use of a cunning piece of DS software, I hardly think you can accuse Nintendo of bragging in this case.

Nintendo has not released these figures officially, this piece is based on some research done by a person who does not work for Nintendo.

Please people, read the articles you comment on.

AcidRhain4576d ago

Wifi on it is pretty fun to play and it works pretty smoothly. The Wii will follow eventually, and it will work just as well as the DS wifi games. Don't get me wrong, it isn't better or comparable to XBL, but it's working and will only get better.

ITR4576d ago

Well the numbers are sure to jump again once Pokemon and Strikers hit the US.