IGN: David Cage Talks Heavy Rain

He's one of videogaming's most outspoken creators, so excuse IGN for being a little nervous before meeting Quantic Dream's David Cage, the talent behind Fahrenheit (or Indigo Prophecy as it's known Stateside) and the forthcoming Heavy Rain, one of the PlayStation 3's biggest hopes for 2010.

Maybe it's because they caught him before his first coffee, but he's a docile presence when we meet and proves to be an engagingly pleasant interviewee, happily talking about his latest pet project while broadly detailing an entire industry's shortcomings with a charm that undermines any arrogance in his sentiment.

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DigitalAnalog3270d ago

It's just teh QTE. IT'S JUST A QTE GAME.

*Awaiting full ownage.......

-End Statement

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GWAVE3270d ago

Nice interview. It's nice to listen to a creative genius in the industry who isn't full of himself. This guy reminds me of Peter Molyneux, except without all the empty boasting and lying about what your game will do (and then the game doesn't do it).

Redempteur3270d ago



2 gems ... DAY ONE

(i'm ready to cry at the end of both games too )

elcompa4253270d ago

Pretty sweet interview, I missed Indigo Prophecy, but the more I here about Heavy Rain, the more I want it. I have a feeling this will give me a different experience when it comes to video game, and a EXTREMELY POSITIVE one at that.


iceman063270d ago

that David Cage has a healthy respect and passion for not only HIS game...but the industry as a whole. It really comes through that he wants to change the current paradigm no matter what the cost. Meaning, that all of his passion COULD go unrecognized by critics and gamers and he would be satisfied with his attempt to provide NEW experiences in gaming. Much like Indigo Prophecy no doubt. For every small advance in a game like Halo or Killzone...there should be at least an attempt to do something new. Even if the new IP fails, at least it might provide the impetus for another dev to try to push or redefine a genre. THAT will keep the industry from stagnation.

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