David Cage: "Fumito Ueda is the most interesting author in the videogames industry" During an interview session at with the director (David Cage) of the upcoming PS3 exclusive Heavy Rain, the infamous director revealed some new info about his game and how it will handle trophies. But what is more interesting is when the interviewer asked him about who he think is the most interesting videogames author in the industry.

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hardcore19123275d ago (Edited 3275d ago )

He is one of the most creative and innovative videogames developer. I hope for a remastered versions of Ico and SOTC on PS3.

immortal843275d ago

I can't wait to play both of Heay Rain and TLG

ReviewsArePolitics3274d ago

Miyamoto? Newell? Levine? Wright? Spector? Carmack? Kojima?

artgamer3274d ago

Dropped the ball with Wii: Sports and Music surely his genius mind should be able to come up with a new character and game that can stand next to Mario and Link, where is that ???

Gabe Newell
Only complaining about PS3 and is fat

I agree


I agree

I agree, though there was something kinda hinky about his recent 'coming out' regarding Twilight.

meetajhu3274d ago

He's game has no cinematics no dialogue. The game does the talking. All his games are masterpiece!

iceman063274d ago

Creating an intimate connection between characters and players purely by using music, mood, and subtlety is a Ueda trademark. I don't think that I have EVER seen anybody do it quite like he does. Plus, he makes it seem so easy. For example, most people will whine when a game features the much maligned escort mission. Ueda created an ENTIRE game based off of this mechanic...AND made you CARE about the person that you escorted...GENIUS. In SotC, he took trial and error gameplay...another complaint of the "new" gamer...and created an epic story. What is there not to admire...revere...PRAISE about the man...he is just GENIUS.

DigitalAnalog3274d ago


-End Statement

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