PS3 Preview - Uncharted: Drake's Fortune

WorthPlaying previews "Uncharted:Drake's Fortune" for the Playstation 3.

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bluebrad19744578d ago

Sadly, any game without online multi-player that has less than 15 hours of gameplay is a rental at best, at least in my opinion.

techie4578d ago (Edited 4578d ago )

You're right. I never enjoyed Tomb Raider, or all the Prince of Persias, or ICO, or Shadow of the Collosus, or Resident Evil, or the two God of Wars....yuh they weren't worth a buy.

Jay da 2KBalla4578d ago

This game bores me. I watched the trailer, the graphics are OK but the gameplay was boring. I guess its because I dont like Tomb Raider either.

techie4578d ago

"I guess its because I dont like Tomb Raider either." Yes I guess that's why. Being a fan of God Of War, Tomb Raider, POP, Jak and Ratchet, ICO and SOTC....having a game like this to penetrate the sodden FPS world of gaming is a god send.

Robotz Rule4578d ago (Edited 4578d ago )

You should win the "worlds best sarcastic person ever" award!

Your first post was excellent!

Dragonopolis4578d ago

However, for people like me who like to game but Work, have a family, have friends don't mind short awesome games. Matter of fact, I wish there was more hardcore Short games to play that don't require hours to play. If I'm willing to buy a 2 hour movie for $20 and don't have a problem with paying $40 to $60 dollars for a game that last 15 to 20 hours. Even if the movie was $10 for 2 hours $60 dollars would only give me 12 hours of movie watching.

I say get a life and you won't mind the short games............

bluebrad19744578d ago

Why spend $60 on a 8-10 hour game, with no online multi-player? When you can rent the same game for $5, and play it at your leisure for a week. Do you spend $20 on every movie that you watch? If this is the case, I suggest you get your ass back to Work because you don't know a thing about money management.

Jay da 2KBalla4578d ago

Not into God of War type games. Dont like repetitive button mashers. I thought ratchet was stupid. Never played jak but I hear its the same as ratchet,could be wrong. Shadow of the Colussus bored me to sleep so yea just difference in tastes I guess. Werent really alot of games on ps2 that I wanted to play which I was I didnt buy one. Oh and what the hell is ICO and POP?

wildcat4578d ago (Edited 4578d ago )

ICO was the first PS2 game by the developers of Shadow of the Colossus; thus the name Team ICO. POP is I'm guessing Prince of Persia.

techie4578d ago (Edited 4578d ago )

I know. You don't like those type of games. That was my point. But if you don't like these type of games (games which get 9 scores: ICo 90%, Shadow 92%, POP 93%, Tomb Raider 93%, Jak 88%, Ratchet 92%) then critising this title which is in the same genre which you dont like, doesn't make any sense.

I don't like FPS games, but I don't go around saying "oh it looks boring". Because they do look boring to me. I don't get them. Thus, my comments are worthless, as I'm not a fan of the genre.

All in all your comment is as relevant as a Vegetarian reviewing a steak dinner from a top French resteraunt, to which the Vegetarian responds after taking a bite; "This is disgusting".

ps. how did you play Shadow of the COllossus if you didnt have a ps2?

TheExecutive4578d ago

I guess my question to you is... What game doesnt become repetitive?

wildcat4578d ago (Edited 4578d ago )

Not every game needs online-multiplayer. Hell, some games should be focused more on the single-player experience; character depth, engrossing story, realization of environment and setting. I think this is what will make it like a movie, if at the end of the game you actually care what happens to the characters. Shadow of the Colossus, ICO did this brilliantly, as did Sands of Time, as did Super Mario on SNES!

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