Lionhead Releases New Fable III Concept Art

GOONL!NE: Lionhead's released some new concept art of Fable III.

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nice concept art, but it really does not mean anything in my eyes.

screen shot would be a lot more welcome.

when I saw the first concept art for fable 2 I thought it would be a lot bigger then what we finally got.

dreamcast3270d ago

Yeah, it's nice concept art... but I'm going to wait and see some vids of actual gameplay and environments before I get excited.

kingdavid3270d ago

Im not gonna get too hyped for this one. I did that for the last two and they were both just 10 hours long. So disappointing.

Highwayman3270d ago

Concept art looks good. I just hope they make a better game this time around. Fable II was fun, but could have been much better.

NaiNaiNai3270d ago

Talk about jumping ahead in time, the guy at the left looks like a spaniard.

WMW3270d ago

i hope there are some improvements in fable 3 because it makes no sense for fable 1 and 2 to look and play exactly the same when one came out last gen.

NaiNaiNai3270d ago

Wow, your a idiot who didn't play either game.

WMW3270d ago (Edited 3270d ago )

yeah if i'm an idiot who didn't play either game then show some proof of its improvements or are you just upset because you don't like anyone saying anything negative about anything associated with with you god MS. take MS d*ck out of your mouth retard and maybe you would be able to see fable 2 and many other 360 games are trash when compared to the ps3 and look last gen. but i'm not surprised you would think fable 2 is an improvement over the first i wouldn't expect a genius who buys a system with a failure rate between 33% and 54% to know about quality.

NaiNaiNai3270d ago

The look of the 2 games are different, as well the combat system is designed well different, the magic system in Fable 2 sucked which in fable 1 it did not. Fable 1 you could do some simple things with the world, fable 2 had much more you could do and enjoy with the world.

I never said the games were good, I said they were different...Unlike your blind fanboy rage.

WMW3270d ago

lol i say they should have more improvements to fable 3 and you get mad and call me an idiot then you say that fable 2 had a worst magic system than the 1st and that the games weren't good are you trying to look stupid? so if it wasn't good and the magic system sucks then it needs improvements like i said your the one who got worked up calling me an idiot and saying i haven't played them plus being different doesn't mean improvements next time think before you own yourself.

kingdavid3270d ago


Im sorry to tell you but you look like the idiot here..

Keep that crap to the openzone.

WMW3270d ago

yeah i look like an idiot yet he proves my point on the game needing improvements so how about you just leave before you end up looking stupid like he did.

kingdavid3270d ago

I repeat. The only one looking stupid here is you.. You havent even played fable before and you're commenting on how you think it should improve?

Dont bring fanboy crap into the gamerzone.

WMW3270d ago

guess you want to get owned to then. is fable 2 perfect? no its not meaning it can improve every game can and should improve with their later installments. i can't wait to see how you clowns try and spin that i'm sure you'll manage to come up with some ridiculous excuse. you 360 fanboys are a sad bounch of worthless loser you take even small criticism of a mediocre game as a personal attack i hope MS is paying you to be that big of a tool because if not your just sad.

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