Quake 3 maps running on iPhone multiplayer shooter Eliminate

The highly anticipated online iPhone FPS Eliminate is currently taking the App Store by storm, though concerns over the game's control system and revenue model are ricocheting around the internet.

But some clever code tinkerers with jailbroken iPhones have discovered an interesting way to squeeze some extra blood from the Eliminate stone. Apparently, the game is inherently compatible with Quake 3 map packs, so long as you know how to install them.

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Hobgoblin3271d ago

Holy hell. This is pretty exciting. Carmack mentioned Quake 3 for iPhone on before, but seemed to think it might not be possible! I bet he didn't envisage this happening. For that matter, I bet ngmoco didn't either. Incredible stuff.

O2_Addict3271d ago

The company I work for is developing an iPhone game that looks a lot better than this. Blows it away actually. Not Crysis quality, obviously, but definitely not 1999 quality like "Eliminate."

I sure do love them startup stock options! Ouch ... I just pinched myself. Yeah. I'm stoked.

Shiva3271d ago

What would really make this title shine would be if Ngmoco included a legitimate level editor so people could get making maps without jailbreaking their handsets. Imagine the levels we'd see then! Maybe we'll get one in an update later.

Hobgoblin3271d ago

Nice idea. Especially since it'll probably 'fix' this Quake thing in an update (before Apple yanks Eliminate from the App Store)

marcellizot3271d ago

It's possible, but I think they'll just keep supplying their own levels. It would be good to see some IP sharing, like some other iPhone games have done - a Rolando themed level would be good

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