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ConnectedConsoles: The original Mass Effect was brilliant in some eyes, and not so good in others, but now Mass Effect 2 is on the horizon and Commander Shepherd is back. The reason I and many other people didn't enjoy the game to the full is due to its grainy graphics, though we can sure admit that BioWare gave us a brilliant storyline to drool over. However, I did get a chance to play what was one of the shortest pre-game demo I've ever played.

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StanLee3459d ago (Edited 3459d ago )

Wow, that was unbearable! Has this guy ever taken an English class? I couldn't finish the editorial because the guy's writing is horrible.

roadsidepossum3459d ago

The grammar and word choice was horrible. I was cringing the entire time I was reading the article. Also his comment about the "grainy" graphics in ME1...there is an option to disable the film grain in the menu. And Uncharted being the only game to utilize cover properly? This is a very poor article, in both content and construction.

green3459d ago

Apart from the grammar, it does not even feel like the guy played the game at all.If feels like he just watched the video available on youtube and then made an article about it.

toaster3459d ago (Edited 3459d ago )

This guy should go back to school or something.

"However, I did get a chance to play what was one of the shortest pre-game demo I’ve ever played." = FAIL

"I played part of the games single-player campaign in which started with several different cut-scenes" = FAIL

"recognisable" = FAIL

"Starting off at the bottom of the tower, the first movements of Shepherd show good signs." = FAIL

"Then however, came the time where I had to take cover." = ... wtf?

There are more in there but I suggest you just go to youtube and watch the video and it will be more informative and grammatically correct than this guy's article.