Nerd Rage Against Infinity Ward is Misplaced: Let's Talk Console Tax Instead

Sure, everyone seems to be raging about the lack of dedicated server support for the PC version of MW2, but shouldn't people be talking more about the fact that MW2 is priced the same on both console and PC? Why should a PC game cost $60?

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Feral Gamer3272d ago

Is it me or is the term "nerd rage" bothersome? Something about it just gets me the wrong way.

Cliff Forster3272d ago

I'm full of nerd rage personally. I think the world has gotten past the point where the term "nerd" is no longer a derogatory reference, at least I hope it has. In the scope of the article, its intended to be playful and not offensive.

I'm a nerd, geek, whatever. Its a label, but I don't think it has the negative connotation that it once did. I nerd rage constantly, over dedicated servers, over hardware specs, over games, over films. Nerds and geeks are my people, they are my brothers and sisters, I feel a strong sense of community with them, in fact, I love them, we just "get it", you know?

STK0263272d ago

You're like our Moses, we're your people.

UltimateIdiot9113272d ago

I agree with Cliff. Maybe back in JHS and HS, nerd can be seen as a negative thing but once you get into college and the real world, it's just another way of identifying a dominate trait. Remember the saying, don't pick on the nerd/geek because one day he will be your boss.

On topic, I don't think price should be a primary concer. I personally feel quality should take top priority. If the quality of the game does not justify even 2 cent, then it's not worth 2 cent. If PC gamers can justify $60 if it had included dedicated servers, then so be it. But I do admit it is troubling to see that PC gamers should pay the same price as console owners.

Feral Gamer3272d ago (Edited 3272d ago )

I'm not bothered by the nerd part, it's more of the rage part. It seems like such a strong word for some pretty minor anger issues. I've always referred to myself as a nerd and now I'm 29.

Poopface the 2nd3272d ago

taking away the option for dedicated servers makes it even worse that the price was raised. It costs more and they took out a feature that is always in PC FPS.

They probably wanna release a dedicated servers DLC for PC. ahahhaha assholes.

madpuppy3272d ago (Edited 3272d ago )

when I hear the word "nerd" I see the far side comic characters.

A nerd is like Napoleon Dynamite.

A geek is a technical person into computers and such.

edgeofblade3272d ago

People really need to get f**k over themselves when it comes to pricing. If people buy it, it's justified. That's how a free market works. If you don't want to pay $60, don't. If you want to play, you pay $60.

End of discussion.

Cliff Forster3272d ago


That is more or less what the article suggests. If you can get a better deal elsewhere, just go there. Don't like the lack of dedicated servers, or the console tax, rather than gripe and fill out a petition just buy a competitors game with the money you had reserved for MW2. Thats the only way to get your point across as a protest.

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thor3272d ago

Isn't the console version priced even higher? Even still, the price is not so great an issue as the lack of dedicated servers.

If I look for 10 seconds on Counter-Strike, TF2, Crysis, CoD4 or pretty much any other online PC game, I will find HUNDREDS of servers playing user-created maps, user-created game modes with user-created settings. Rather than being limited to just the maps that come with the game, there are thousands that I could play. These games may be designed for 16 players, but if a host wants to set up a game for 60 players, that's fine!

The actual issue of having dedicated servers vs P2P wouldn't be quite so bad if we could still have custom servers, but it would still suck.

toaster3272d ago

IWNet or whatever they're calling it only supports 9v9. That is complete and utter bull. There goes clans....

I see this game's multiplayer taking in about... a few months. No user created content will pull MW2 down quickly on PC.

IW should take a page from DICE. 60+ player fragfest FTW.

UPSLynx3272d ago

9v9 is the part that everyone should be raging about (which, consequently, is no doubt a result of no dedicated servers.)

9v9 MP on the PC? What a load of bullcrap. This game is a joke.

thor3272d ago

Especially since I remember playing some 50+ player games on CoD4. (On shipment lol)

OpiZA3272d ago

Why are console games 60 clams in the first place...

STK0263272d ago

as written in the article, consoles are usually sold at a loss, which means they have to find a way to turn it in profit, by selling accessories and receiving royalties from every game sold.

Of course, Nintendo has been making profit with every single Wii sold since day one, but that's mostly because they used older tech to make it, while both Sony and MS were losing money for every console sold when they launched. I don't know about the X360, but the Sony is still losing some cash with every PS3 they sell. Royalties, or "console tax", is the best way they have t make money. Would you rather pay 10$ for every game you buy, or have the consoles launch at a ridiculous price like 1 000$?

dirthurts3272d ago

Licensing fees.
PC games are not charged this fee.
Hence the typical 10 dollar price difference.

Lakuspakus3272d ago

The price is not IW´s fault. It is the fault of the "new EA", also known as Activision. I feel sorry for Blizzard for having to be associated with Activision.

Cliff Forster3272d ago

IW selects its marketing and distribution partners like any developer. Its their chosen relationship so I think its fair to say they are guilty by association.

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