GI.Biz Interview: OneBigGame's Martin de Ronde

GI.Biz writes: "OneBigGame founder Martin de Ronde has been working for nearly three years on his publishing concept - to create a non-profit publishing label that benefits all parties. The developers that donate their time and creativity to it, who are rewarded with support and exposure for games that otherwise might not have been created; the consumers who get to play unique games created by big name designers and up and coming indies alike; and, of course, the children's charities that will receive a lion's share of the profits.

Today OneBigGame has named its first development partners as Zoe Mode - who will kick off the scheme with XLA music game Chime later this year - Dave Perry, Charles Cecil and Masaya Matsuura. In the wake of the publisher's final stretch to full operation, spoke exclusively with de Ronde on his plans for the label and how non profit publishing could benefit the whole industry in a wealth of ways."

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