Electro-Candy: Review of Forza 3

Way back in 1974, Atari released an arcade game by the name of Gran Trak 10. It was a ground breaking release, being the first game to feature a steering wheel, gear stick and foot pedals. In this one moment of innovation, an entire genre was born.

Over the years, the racing game developed to encompass many different styles. From snowboarding to karting, biking to simulations, the genre has encompassed about as many different makeovers as a series of This Morning, yet it never stagnated. As time progressed, so did the games, with platform defining titles always pushing the boundaries. Pole Position, Out Run, Mario Kart, Metropolis Street Racer and Gran Turismo all pushed and pushed until, here and now in 2009, Turn 10 aim to take the genre one step further with Forza 3.

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Bereaver3323d ago

I just don't see how this game is considered "perfect".